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Dear  BA English students ,here I am going to start a lectures series onward till the BA Exams.I will daily updates this page with the current material that is going in my regular classes.This page will help you to prepare BA English paper more effectively.
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Comprehension Passage
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List of top 50 most important idioms for BA English Exams

Punjab university Rules about supply exams,can a full failed student appear in supply
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Ten new English words with their meanings and sentences

The use of 'about to'

The use of has to/have to/had to

10 Most famous Urdu to English translated Proverbs

      The History of Good-bye     

All over the world Good-bye is a frequently spoken word,but a few people know that what was actual said in place of good-bye in ancient times.
The old English People when were to leave from a friend or from their homes ,they used to say
'God be with you'.After its much use ,it took the present slang form 'Good bye'

Dated: 03-03-2018


In English grammar many students are confused that in present indefinite tense ,where they should use 's' or 'es' with the first form of verb.

If the sentence begins with following pronouns:
He,She,It or any singular noun,
Then use 's' or 'es' with the first form of verb.

1.She eats a piece of bread.
2.Ali goes to attend a meeting.
3.It rains in the morning.

 If the sentence begins with following pronouns:
I,We,You,They or any plural noun,
Then only use the first form of verb(No 's' or 'es')

1.I eat a piece of bread.
2.You go to attend a meeting.
3.The boys play games.

Dated: 10-02-2018


Whistling of Birds
Important Questions:
1.Lawrence s' love for nature?
2.Message of the essay?
3.Incompatibility between life and death?
4.The highly symbolic essay?

Dated" 08/02/18
1.What is an Intransitive verb?
A verb that is not followed by an object is called intransitive verb.
In a sentence having a transitive verb the action stops at the agent there is no object which could receive the action.
1. Saba reads.
2.She eats.
3.They write.

Dated: 06/02/2018

1.What is a transitive verb?
A verb is transitive when it has an object after it.Usually a sentence has a subject,a verb and an object at the end.
He eats mangoes.
Subject= a doer of an action
Verb = the action word
Object = the receiver of an action

The word that receives the action is object and object essentially comes in a sentence having transitive verb.

Dated: 04/02/2018

1.Short story 'The New Constitution' Important question is'How did Mangu s' dreams shatter?'

2.Novel'The Old Man and the Sea 'Important question is'Relationship between Santiago and Manolin'

Idioms: Sugar daddy(an old man who is very fond of women).Being a sugar daddy,he gives gifts to                   young girls.
Quote of the day:   'A house without books is like a body without a soul'.

Dated: 03/02/2018
1. Short story'The Rappaccini s' Daughter': important question is'Discuss the story as a fantasy?'

2.The old man and the Sea: important question is 'Discuss Santiago as a protagoist'

3. On cloud nine( to be very happy) On hearing the news of getting first position in the BA Exams,he was on cloud nine.

4. What is past participle?
Ans: Past participle is usually the third form of the verb but it works as an adjective.
1.The broken pen can not be used for writing.
In the above written sentences, the broken pen means(Toota hova pen) and it is a qualifying verb and is conveying the sense like an adjective.
2.The repaired machine is performing well.
In the above said sentence the Repaired machine is an example of past participle.
In this way ,you can coin many adjective by using the third form of the verb.
Like: Worn out clothes, polished shoes, eaten bread........

Dated: 02/02/2018

1. Short story: The Killer' important question is
Discuss the story as a horror story.

2. The old man and the sea: Discuss the novel as a symbolic one

3.Idioms: Above board: In business his honesty is above board.

4.Pharasal verbs: Bear out: Who will bear out the honesty of his words.

5. Correction: He is more taller than his brother(wrong)
He is taller than his brother.(Correct)
Dated: 01-02-2018


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