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  1. salam sir correction of sentences solve please

    1. he is suffering from fever for ten days.
    2. more we get more we want.
    3. none of the two students attended the class.
    4. black vermin brings about disease.
    5. i knew that he is wrong.
    6. he jumped in the river.
    7. she is ill for fever.
    8. Each of the boys were rewarded.
    9. he as well as his parents live in this house.
    10. the murderer was hung.
    11. the speech he gave at the fucntion was impressive.
    12. cholera is raging in the town for over a month.
    13. a large majority of students was absent from the college yesterday.
    14. when i entered the compartment, there was no place for me.
    15. these bad news will create panic in the country.
    16. neither of three accused were guilty.
    17. we had scarcely reached the college then the bell rang.
    18. he likes to marry with a lady doctor.
    19. if you are poor, then i will treat you free of charge.
    20. the house with all its furniture have been sold.
    21. he gave me many advices.
    22. one must not forget his duty.
    23. this is worth reading book.
    24. do not make friendship with selfish persons.
    25. he is a coward person.
    26. he is not at the fault.
    27.i lived in this house since 2000.
    28. i am very obliged to you.
    29. this cheque is of the national bank.
    30. the jury were unanimous in their verdict.
    please sir try to solve it and send me on my whatsapp number 03135055684 thanks.

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