16 Jul 2023

BA ADA Part.2 English Guess Papers & Notes Annual 2023 Exams Sargodha University


BA ADP English Part.2 Annual 2023 Exams Guess Papers Sargodha University


Modern Essays


1.         Pakistan and the Modern World

What were Liaquat Ali Khan s’ Expectations from West and America?

2.         Whistling of Birds

The essay is highly symbolic-discuss

3.         Take the Plunge

The writer could not focus on her feelings throughout the essay


4.         Nagasaki

Write the scenes of destruction?

5.         My Tailor

Do you think that Leacock has blended humour with pathos

6.         Grandfather

Write character of W.B Yeats’ grandfather


7.         The Beauty Industry

What is difference between real and artificial beauty?

8.         Are Doctors Men of Science?

Are doctors really men of science?

9.         Hosts and Guests

Are you a host or a guest?

10.     On saying Please

Good manners are key to success in life

11.     Tolerance

There is no place of any fanaticism-discuss

12.     Super

Message of essay super

13.     The Vitamins

What is importance of vitamins/what water and fat soluble?


The Old Man and the Sea

1.    Point out symbolism in the novel

2.     Do you think that the ending of the novel is quite justified?

3.     Santiago s’ fight with sharks prove that a man is not made for defeat

 5.    Major interests of the old man

6.     Write about old man and Manoline emotional attachment

7.     Man is not made for defeat-discuss


Important Essays Topics

1.  China Pakistan Economic corridor

2.     The Role of social media

3.     Problems faced by Pakistan

5.     Economy of Pakistan

6.     Role of Woman in Nation Development

7.     How to eradicate social evils

8.     Energy crisis in Pakistan

9.      Inflation in Pakistan


Letters to Editors

1.     About the problem of pollution

2.     Increase in bus fare

3.     Smoking in colleges and public places

4.     Poor street lights and increasing street crimes

5.     Poor sanitary conditions

6.     Evil of beggary



1.     For the post of English teacher

2.     To District Chairman to end encroachment

3.     To manager LTC for decrease in bus fare

4.     To college principal for installation of Electric water cooler

5.     To secretary higher education for the grant of scholarship

Idioms and Correction of sentences all in past papers or given in Notes


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