8 Jul 2023

BA ADA Part.1 English Guess Papers & Notes Annual 2023 Exams Punjab University


BA ADA English Part.1 Annual 2023 Exams Guess Papers Punjab University


1.   Leisure

How can modern aged man get rid of problems of life?

2.   New Year Resolutions

What are three promises of the poetess?

3.   The Rebel

How is a rebel good for a society?

4.   Tartary

Discuss Tartary as imaginative and sensual poem?

5.   The Solitary Reaper

Unheard songs are sweater than the heard-elaborate?

6.   Departure and Arrival

Discuss Eliot as a poet of intellect?

7.   Lights Out

Sleep and death conquer all?

8.   Because I Could not Stop for Death

Discuss symbolic importance of the poem?

9.   When I Have Fears

Discuss Keats sensuousness & nature of his fears?

10.     Kubla Khan

Coleridge lost his mental faculties/his use of supernaturalism

11.   Snake

Poet s’ feelings and reactions on seeing a snake?

12.   Poison Tree

Literal and symbolic importance of the poem


Short Stories

1.   The Killers

Discuss ‘The Killers’ as a horror story?

2.  The New Constitution

What are Mangu s’ dreams and how did they shatter?

3.   Breakfast

Criticism on urban life style-Discuss

4.   The Happy Prince

Discuss it as a fantasy?

5.   Araby

Point out boy s’ subjective and objective feelings?

6.   The Necklace

Matilda s’ life before and after the loss of necklace?

7.   Duchess and the Jeweler

Industrial revolution caused moral degradation/things are rotten outside and inside

8.   The Little Willow

What is the symbolic importance of willow tree?

9.   Shadow in the Rose Garden

Discuss it as a story of incomplete love?

One Act Plays

1.   The Bear

It is a farce-discuss?

2.   Boy Comes Home

It is a comedy of manners-discuss?

3.   Smoke Screens

Discuss Primrose attitude and her wisdom?


1.   between two friends on the choice of profession

2.   between doctor and patient

3.   between two friends on the importance of book reading

4.   between two friends in the need of tolerance in our society

5.   between teacher and student on co-education

6.   between bank manager and customer on opening a bank account

7.   between two friends on the need of constructing dams

8.   between teacher and students on increasing pollution


Translation Passages and Comprehensions all from past papers


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