7 Jan 2023

ADA BA English Essay on My Hobby


My Favourite Hobby

Outline of the Essay

1.      Introduction

2.      Different kinds of hobbies

3.      My hobby is gardening

4.      How do I look after my garden

5.      Advantages of my hobby

6.      Conclusion

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”


Hobbies are a great way to spend our free time and pursue our passions. They can be anything from playing a musical instrument, to painting, to gardening. Hobbies allow us to relax, learn new skills, and connect with others who share similar interests. In this essay, I will be discussing my hobby of gardening.


Different kinds of hobbies:

There are so many different hobbies out there, and what one person enjoys may not be the same as what someone else enjoys. Some people may enjoy crafting and making things with their hands, while others may prefer to engage in sports or physical activity. Some popular hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, playing musical instruments, and photography.


“Sometimes when you turn a hobby into a job, it becomes work.”


My hobby is gardening:

My hobby is gardening, and I absolutely love it. There is something so therapeutic and fulfilling about tending to a garden and watching it grow and flourish. I enjoy planting flowers, vegetables, and herbs and seeing them come to life. Gardening allows me to be outside in nature and get some exercise, as well as providing me with the opportunity to create something beautiful.


My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”


How do I look after my garden?

To look after my garden, I make sure to water it regularly and give the plants the proper amount of sunlight. I also make sure to remove any weeds that may be competing with my plants for resources. I also fertilize the soil and prune the plants to encourage healthy growth.


Advantages of my hobby:

Gardening has many advantages. It allows me to relax after a daylong tiredness of my job. It also provides me with the opportunity to get some exercise and be outside in nature. Additionally, I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor by harvesting the vegetables and herbs that I have grown. Gardening can also be a great way to save money, as I can grow my own food instead of buying it at the store.



In conclusion, hobbies are a great way to spend our free time and pursue our passions. My hobby is gardening, and I love the relaxation, exercise, and sense of accomplishment it brings me. Whether it's gardening, crafting, or playing a sport, hobbies are a wonderful way to enrich our lives and bring joy to our days.



If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden”




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