8 Oct 2021

Matric/Inter All Punjab Boards Results Annual 2021


Matric/Inter 2021 Results All Boards

Millions of students over province Punjab are waiting impatiently for their results Annual 2021 all boards. The results of 9th,10th,11th,12th classes have become a riddle to be solved hardly. In a meeting all the senior educational authorities announced a promotion policy for the students. This policy says that the students who get less than 33 percent marks will be awarded with grace marks, and they will be passed. But the cabinet has not passed this policy due to which the results are being delayed.

The board’s authorities say that the results are finally prepared but they are waiting impatiently for the approved promotion policy. As soon as the promotion policy is approved by the cabinet, they will announce the results at once. It was said that the results of the abovementioned classes will be issued in the month of October 2021 yet it seems difficult.

The universities are also in problem due to delay in the announcement of inter part.2 results Annual 2021. The universities are delaying their admissions in degree classes due to this problem. Recently, the University of the Punjab has issued a notification in which they felt sorry from the students for delay in BS admissions. They say that it all is happening due to delay of inter part.2 results. The University will start giving admissions in BS soon after the announcement of the results.

There are many rumors on the social media regarding the announcement of the Matric/Inter Annual 2021 results. Fake press release and fake notification are on the social media. These rumours and fake notifications are enhancing the problems of the students. Yet it is not known how long delay they will take in announcing the results of Matric/Inter Annual 2021 results.


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