11 Oct 2021

Inter 2nd Annual Exams / All Pakistan Educational Boards Special Exams


What are Special Exams for Inter Students

The results of many educational boards has be announced across Pakistan. Federal Board has announced the results of Matric/Inter classes. KPK Board has also announced the results. Sindh and Punjab Boards are going to announce the results soon. As per earlier notification, it was said that a special exams Inert 2nd Annual exams will be conducted in the month of November 2021.

The Federal Board has announced the date of commencement of 2nd Annual 2021 exams. FBISE has asked the students to submit their admissions online for the 2nd Annual 2021 exams which are going to start on 10th of November 2021.

The Federal Board has allowed the following categories of students to appear in HSSC 2nd Annual Examination 2021

All the registered candidates of Higher Secondary School Certificate I & II up to March,2021 (Regular/Ex/Private) whose admission form was not submitted/cancelled for HSSC Annual Examination 2021, due to any reason, are eligible to apply for Inter 2nd Annual Examination 2021 and will appear in elective subjects as per policy for 1st Annual Examination 2021.

All those registered candidates of HSSC I & II up to March, 2021 who submitted their admission form for HSSC Annual Examination 2021 but remained full absent in HSSC Annual Examination 2021 due to any reason are eligible to apply for HSSC 2nd Annual Examination 2021.

The candidates who intend to improve their Grade/Marks after passing HSSC-11 Examination can do so by re-appearing in appeared subjects/papers of their choice in the current course as the case may be within a period of one year of passing the relevant examination are eligible to apply.

The students of HSSC I & II Annual Examination 2021 who remained absent (Covid positive cases) and has been given passing marks (33%) as per existing policy can reappear in that subject(s)/paper(s)only in HSSC 2nd Annual Examination 2021 on provision of Covid positive report during Annual Examination 2021. They will not deposit any examination fee.

IBCC(Inter Boards Committee of Chairmen) candidates are allowed to appear in HSSC 2ndAnnual Examination 2021.

Passed candidates of HSSC Part-I Annual Examination 2021 will appear along with Part-II in Annual Examination 2022 for improving the marks/grade

Change of subjects/group will not be allowed under any circumstances after submission of admission form or list to the FBISE's Office.

Practical Examination will not be conducted for candidates appearing in HSSC 2nd Annual Examination 2021.



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