10 Oct 2021

BS 5th Semester Admissions in Pakistan Universities


Admissions in BS 5th Semester in Universities

Recently Punjab University has issued a notification that say that university is starting admissions in BS 5th semester. The students who have passed ADP/BA from any university, to them Punjab university will give admission in BS 5th semester. This announcement has increased the tension of the students.

The students who have completed their 12 years of education , the universities will give them admission in BS 1st semester while after the completion of 14 years of education the universities will give them admissions in BS 5th semester. At the end both type of students will get BS Degree.

The tension is that the students who will seek admission in BS 5th semester they will have to do it on regular bases. No student is allowed to do BS privately just like MA/BA which they could do private. ADA/ADS can be done privately but BS cannot be done privately.

In Pakistan, there is a large majority of students who seek education privately, most of them do jobs. This news is not good for them. Furthermore poverty is a big problem, most of the students cannot afford the high expenditures of the universities. This is why, they are inclined to get private education. Now they are being deprived their basic right education.

Since 2018, HEC is after university to abolish two years degree programs in Pakistan. In the 1st step, the university changed BA/B.Sc/B.Com degree into ADA/ADS/ADC. But the interesting thing is that only names of these degree have been changed, other all is same like BA/B.Sc/B.Com: Same syllabus, same exams pattern. The university says that they will convert them gradually.

But  it is a final decision that no fresh admissions will be given into two years MA/M.Sc programs. The students who have already enrolled, they will have time of two to three years in order to complete their two years degree. Fresh candidates will seek admissions in BS 5th Semester.

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