13 Oct 2021

BA ADA English Essay on The Harms of Illiteracy


The Harms of Illiteracy

1.     Illiteracy is a big curse, it has many disadvantages

2.     An illiterate person is totally ignorant of his rights and duties

3.     In Islam , acquisition of knowledge is obligatory

4.     An educated person is always successful in his life, he understands well the purpose of his life

5.     Material progress is always within reach of an literate person

6.     It is the duty of Government to provide education to all the people

To be illiterate is a bad thing. Every person in this life has some great purpose. An illiterate person is not aware of the cause of his creation. He is unable to read books and cannot understand the mysteries of this universe. He does not know anything about God and His Prophet (PBUH). He remains unaware of the realities of this world.

An uneducated person is unaware of his rights and duties. He does not know that what are his basics rights and how to get his basic rights. He is even blind to his duties. He does not know the law of his country. He is unable to know the right and wrong policies of any government. He cannot use his power of vote rightly.

The illiterate persons always remain poor and backward in their life. They cannot make a rapid progress in life. They cannot be well verse in trade and commerce. They cannot do a successful business. They cannot seek government jobs even.

Our religion Islam focuses on acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge is a property of a Muslim. The Holy prophet (PBUH) has urged the Muslims to acquire knowledge even if they have to go to China. He said, “The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyred.” The great scholar Plato once said, “ If you want to judge the quality of a civilization, have a look at its teachers.”

An educated person has many advantages in his life. He knows his rights and duties well. He is always mannerly. His personality is always attractive. He can understands the policies of the government well and take part in constructive criticism. He recognizes his God and follows the teachings of Prophet (PBUH). He performs his religious duties in a decent manner. He sets high goals and targets in life and tries his best to achieve them.

Good jobs always awaits for an educated and experienced person. He plays an active role in the economic development of his country. At every work place like offices, factories and shops, an educated person works well and successfully. He is fully equipped to work and manipulate the computer.

An educated person plays an active part in farming and agriculture. He establishes the agriculture system on the modern bases. He uses his skills well. He uses modern technology in agriculture system. He gets maximum production by using these modern and latest skills in agriculture.

It is the duty of a state to play active role in the spread of education. It is state responsibility to provide free education to the masses. There must be uniformity in education system. Government should focus on adult education. Afternoon schools must be launched for the people who cannot attend morning schools. The children who are not going to schools, they should be motivated to go to schools. Attractive salary packages with perks should be given to the teachers.

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