25 Sept 2021

MA English Part.1 Syllabus How to write Reference to the Context Paradise Lost Book


Paradise Lost

How to write reference to the context?


Here for his envy, will not drive us hence. .

Here we may reign Secure, and in my choice.

To reign is worth ambition, though in Hell.

Better to reign In Hell, than serve in heaven.



These lines have been taken from the book “Paradise Lost’ book-1, written by John Milton.



Paradise Lost is a classical epic. Here in this poem Milton wants to justify the way of God to men. The theme of this epic is man s’ first disobedience. These lines are a part of one of Satan’s most famous speeches, and throw some light on his character. Speaking to Beelzebub after surveying the mournful gloom of hell and greeting the horrors which hell has to offer, Satan asserts that it does not matter where he has to dwell.


A change from Heaven to Hell cannot shake him as long as his mind remains the same. After all, he is hardly inferior to God who is greater than he only by virtue of the thunderbolts he can wield. Here in Hell, says Satan, he will at least be free and not subservient to God. God has not built this place as an object of his envious desire. God will not turn out the fallen angels from here. Here they may rule safely and without interference. In his opinion, Satan goes on to say, it is a worthy ambition to rule even though one may rule in Hell. It is better to be supreme in Hell than to live like slaves in Heaven.

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