30 Jul 2021

MA English Part Novel Pride and Prejudice Summary



The elegant anonymously published pen work of Jane Austen follows around the tumultuous relationship between the daughter of Mr. Bennet who is not so rich, and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, an unmarried aristocratic landowner. It's the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five distinct nature daughters. They live in the state of Longbourn in Hertfordshire, a rural district about 30 miles away from London. Mr. Bennet's family is not so rich and as he is the father of only five daughters, not having any son, after his death his wealth is necessitating to pass to the nearest male heir in the family as per according to that time's law (Law of Entailment). After Mr. Bennet's death, his property will go to his far-away cousin, Mr. Collins, a stupid priest. The main anxiousness of Mrs. Bennet is to see her five daughters marry, preferably with wealthy men.

When a wealthy rich man Charley Bingley, has attained the Netherfield Park's land on lease, the neighboring people are thrilled, especially Mr. Bennet's wife, who covets to marry one of her five daughters with him as to know him the aristocratic personality. On the very first day of Mr. Bingley's arrival, in her excitement, she insists her husband to go to Mr. Bingley and asked him to have some hangout in Mr. Bennet's residence with their family. As to already knowledgeable to his wife's and daughters' bewilderment, he tells that he has already paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Bingley.

After a short period, Mr. Bingley goes on a short excursion to London and returns with his two sisters Caroline Bingley(single) and Louisa Hurt(married), and the very near to his heart, a close friend of him, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, a single handsome landowning aristocrat, who has a rumored income of FPK(Falkland Islands Pound) 10,000 a year.

Once in a local ball, arranged by Elizabeth's best friend Charlottes parents, Bennet's daughter get a chance to meet Bingley along with his snobbish friend Darcy. Bingley leaves his impression as a sociable person and his friend Darcy leaves his impression as the proudest personality, the one who rejects to dance with Elizabeth because at the time Mr. Bingley asked him to dance with Elizabeth he refuses by saying:

"She is not handsome enough to tempt me"

Elizabeth overhears the remark by Darcy and develops a strong aversion toward Darcy. Bingley proves himself profoundly agreeable to dance with many of the single ladies. Especially, he shows his interest in Bennet's eldest and shy daughter Jane. He dances twice the time with Jane and they both soon form an attachment.

The time Bingley's sister gets to know his attachment with Jane, Caroline Bingley invites Jane to have dinner with them in Netherfield. As Jane's mother always wishes to marry her daughters to wealthy men, it's likely to rain when Jane is about to leave. Mrs. Bennet instead of sending Jane by coach sends her on a horse-back so that she should be caught in the rain and get a chance to stay there and the same happens as she thinks. When Elizabeth visits that site, she gets Miss Bingley's attitude as so perfect because she thinks Elizabeth's family lower class with lack of manners. The time Mrs. Bennet and her younger daughters come to visit Jane, Elizabeth is mortified by their stupidity and total reduction of habits. Darcy also visits there in Mr. Bingley's residence, and at a gathering, Darcy invites Elizabeth for a dance but declines because she has not neglected her earlier insult by him.

One day, Mr. Bennet informs the family about the arrival of the only heir, to whom his whole property will be inherited. Mr. Collins, the stupid clergyman comes to their home with the intention to propose one of Bennet's daughters. His arrogant manners and bloated wordiness disgust everyone, except Mrs. Bennet and she is the only one who thinks him respectable because she wishes to marry one of her daughters to him. First, Collin is attracted to Jane and thinks to propose to her but Mrs. Bingley tells him that she is about to be engaged. Collin changes his mind and selects Elizabeth but Elizabeth rejects his proposal.

Elizabeth's best friend Charlotte, 27-years old comes to see Elizabeth, there she meets Collin and after knowing the whole situation, starts talking frankly with Collins. Later on, finding a better chance, Collins proposes to Elizabeth's friend and she gladly accepts. Soon they are married, and she invites Elizabeth to her town, Hunsford.

When Mr. Collins and Bennet siblings go for a walk to Meryton, they meet an attractive and charming army officer Mr. Wickham (who is in fact a cunning man). They also come in front of Darcy, and when Darcy and Mr. Wickham come in front of each other, both feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth starts feelings attraction for George Wickham. After having a friendly conversation, and getting to acknowledge Elizabeth s’ hate for Darcy, the wicked nature Wickham tells Elizabeth a tale that increases her hate for Darcy because now he appears not only arrogated but brutal too. However, Jane does not believe lies about Darcy but Elizabeth believes all of them just because of his first bad impression in front of her. Elizabeth feels bad for Wickham and takes sympathy for him. She almost falls in love with Wickham, but Mrs. Gardiner (Elizabeth's aunt) warns her about the malicious nature of Wickham.

At the same time, the Bingley family return to London, and Caroline Bingley(Charles Bingley) addresses a letter to Jane in which tells her that they don't expect to return and she also predicts that Bingley might marry Georgiana(Darcy's sister) who is also in London. Jane abdicates herself quietly to a life without Bingley. Gardiners invite Jane to London and on their invitation, she plans to go to have some rest and change of air. She also hopes to have an accidental meeting with Bingley but Caroline (Bingley's sister) does not even tell her brother about Jane's presence in London. Jane feels dishearten and accepts her refusal.

On the invitation of Charlotte, Elizabeth along with Charlotte's father and his younger daughter Maria, go to Hunsford and on the way the stops at the Gardiners' to see Jane. In Hunsford Elizabeth also meets Mr. Collins' patroness and Darcy's overbearing aunt. Darcy visits his aunt's residence and grows more involved in Elizabeth. He even proposes to Elizabeth but Elizabeth declines his proposal by saying that he is:

"The last man in the world whom she could ever be prevailed on to marry"

On the next morning, Darcy hands Elizabeth a letter and leave. In the letter, he justifies his interference in Jane and Bingley's connection, he also acknowledges his story concerning Wickham. This takes all of Darcy's past action in front of Elizabeth and her cracks her prejudice about him.

The time comes, when Elizabeth goes on a trip with her aunt and Uncle Gardiner there she meets Darcy, he invites her to his inn and introduces her to his sister, and invites her for a dinner. Darcy is still in love with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth observes that underneath his arrogance, lies a true and noble nature man and she begins to have similar feelings for him.

Elizabeth's relationship with Darcy takes a new turn, the route towards love. Elizabeth receives two letters from her sister Jane telling her that her headstrong youngest sister Lydia has eloped with wicked Wickham. Elizabeth fears that Lydia and Bennet family are enduringly disgraced and her new love for Darcy is hopeless. Darcy helps Wickham financially and by knowing Darcy's involvement and when Lydia lets slip that Darcy attended her marriage, Elizabeth's love for Darcy increases and she regrets to refuse Darcy's earlier marriage proposal.

Bingley returns to Netherfield, and Darcy confesses to him about his misconception of Bennet girls. Bingley proposes to Jane for marriage and she accepts his proposal happily. Lady Catherine who wants to marry her daughter with Darcy gets to know Darcy's love for Elizabeth. She demands that Elizabeth should promise to not accept the proposal of Darcy, Elizabeth refuses. Darcy again thinks it is a chance to propose to Elizabeth for marriage and the time he proposes to Elizabeth she accepts his proposal happily, later he speaks to Mr. Bennet and he also agrees to their marriage.

Thus, the pride and prejudice of both dominating characters vanish and Elizabeth opens her heart to Darcy. The novel ends happily with Jane marrying Bingley and Darcy marrying Elizabeth by disappearing her prejudice against him and turn it into love.

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