8 May 2021

MA English Part.1 Paper Classical Poetry , How to write Reference to the Context


Mock Epic: The Rape of the Lock

Some secrets truths, from learned pride concealed

To maids alone and children are revealed

What though no credit doubting wits may give!

The fair and innocent shall still believe.



These lines have been taken from mock epic “The Rape of the Lock” written by Alexander Pope.



This poem is a mockery of an epic poem. In this poem Pope makes fun of the false pretensions of the men and women of 18th century English society. The attitude of the poet in this poem is satirical. Little is made great and great is made little in this poem. Belinda who is a goddess of beauty is the representative of the lady of that time. She indulges in frivolity, decorates herself, and visits the Hampton court where all absurd activities are done by these absurd people. Baron, a gallant looks at Belinda s’ lock and decides to win the lock by force or fraud. He snaps the lock and then Belinda shows her anger and tries to get back her lock. She is assisted by the airy elves but when these airy elves find a worldly lover lurking in her heart, they relinquish their duty. Belinda s’ lock get into the sky and becomes a star.



These lines tell that the Sylph Ariel approaches Belinda in her dream and assures her that she is under special protection of light militia of air. He says that Belinda must have heard many stories about airy elves and angels in her childhood, so it is easy to understand for her and to believe the truth that numerous spirits of air fly around her and give her a special protocol. Ariel further says that she is being guarded well by airy squad. He tells her that she might have heard that how elves visit the Greenland under the shadow of moon and dance in circles. How they drop silver coins in the shoes of poor children to make them happy. If these stories are told to the logical men, they are unable to believe on them. But the maidens and the innocent children still believe in these type of stories. So Belinda should know her importance, she is being guarded by airy elves and is under special protection.

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