4 Apr 2021

Schools will Open or Not to Decide in Next Meeting Education Minister Latest Update


Health Experts and Education Minister will Meet to Discuss the situation

Decisions regarding Opening or Extending Schools  and Education Institutions Closure will be made

Exams Regarding Decisions will be done in the Meeting

The federal education minister Shafqat Mehmood says that they are going to conduct a meeting at NCOC on Monday 6 April 2021. In that meeting health experts and all education ministers will participate. The whole body will monitor the situation and discuss many important issues regarding education.

In the meeting it will decide whether to open schools or not. The exams regarding issues will be discussed in the meeting. In many cities of Pakistan, there is a lock down and the government had closed all education institutes as well as postponed all going and upcoming exams.

In the other cities of the country, schools/colleges and educational institutes are in working position. The half students are attending the schools one day and next half are attending the schools on the other day.

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