2 Apr 2021

Punjab University Reopened Registration and Admission Portal for Annual 2021 Exams


Punjab University is going to Re-open Registration Portal


ADP Part.1 Arts/Science/Commerce Fresh Candidates will be able to register themselves for Annual 2021 exams


It is a great news for ADP Arts/ Science and Commerce students that they will be able to register for upcoming Annual 2021 exams. The registration portal expired as the university was going to conduct ADP part.1, 2 exams in the 1st week of April 2021.


The exams were postponed due to the rise of Covid cases in Pakistan. These exams have been postponed for two months and that is a sufficient time for registration and admission process of the fresh students. So, in a meeting the PU officials have decided to give a chance to the students who missed to send their admission in Annual 2021 exams and the admission and registration portal were closed for the students.


The registration portal will remain opened from 5 April 2021 to 23 April 2021 with double fee that is Rs. 8180. The students who wish to appear in ADP Arts/ADP Science/ADP Commerce Part.1 Annual 2021 exams will get registration. In this way they will save their one year from going waste. So, it is a golden chance for the fresh students. However, the students who are already registered, they need not to get registration again.


The university has already reopened online admission portal. It will remain open till 30 April 2021. The students could send their admission with double fee that is roundabout 10,000 Rs.


The summary of this article is that the students who missed to send their admission for Annual 2021 exams, they first register themselves and then they should send admission via online admission portal. The whole process is online. Students need not to send manual admission.


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