2 Apr 2021

How to Apply for Subject or Center Change for BA/ADP/MA/M.Sc Exams Punjab University


How to Change Subjects and Centre in Punjab University Exams?

BA/ADP/MA/M.SC and any Exams in which you are appearing

Students can change their subjects or center one month before the start of the exams. When a student send an admission, he or she writes wrong subjects or when the roll number slips comes, he knows that the examination center has been added wrong by the university or the assigned center is not his or her choice or it is far away from the place of his/her residence and it takes much time to reach the center and the fear is that he or she may reach late in the center, the university has special privilege for these students. The applicants can change the center or the subjects they have chosen wrong.


Open your web browser and type pu subject change application and press enter, your 

desired page will open.

 Here you will see like application form, online fee chalan form.

First of all download the form and fill it. The form is the same both for subject change and for examination center change. So fill it as per your requirements.


Here is a specimen but you can fill it as per your requirement

After that fill the Chalan form online and take a print of it and submit a fee that is Rs. 1840 in HBL or UBL. Paste the copy of chalan in the back of your application and send it to the given address of the Punjab University. 


Assistant Controller (Examination [Particular Exam Name *])

Admin Block, Quid-e-Azam Campus (New Campus),

Department of Examinations,

University of the Punjab,

P.O. Box No. 54590,



The other method to submit application is to visit the Punjab University old or new campus, go to the examination branch, tell them your problem and the purpose of your visit, they will give you a form, fill this form with blue ball point and then visit the HBL or UBL branch in the premises of the university, take a manual chalan form, fill it and submit it in the bank, one copy of chalan bank will return you after depositing the fee. Paste this copy of Paid chalan in the back of your application and submit in the examination branch manually. 


But keep it in your mind that this process should be completed one month before the start of exams. But here is another issue, sometime university issue roll number slips just 15 days before the start of the exams. But here is a solution, when you get your roll number slips and see that subjects are taken up wrongly or the Centre assigned to you is wrong, you should submit Centre change application at earliest.


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  1. Aoa sir. I have sent admission in ADS PART 1 AND 2 as a private Candidate. Now i want to change one of my subjects. Will I have to submit the above mentioned application separately for both parts or one application is enough?