14 Mar 2021

BA ADP Arts Part.1&2 English Annual 2021 Exams Guess Papers Punjab University


BA ADP English Part.1 Annual 2021 Exams Guess Papers Punjab University 


1.   Leisure

2.   New Year Resolutions

3.   The Rebel

4.   One Art

5.   The Solitary Reaper

6.   Departure and Arrival

7.   The Vanishing Village

8.   Because I Could not Stop for Death

9.   When I Have Fears

10.                Kubla Khan

11.                Snake

12.                Say This City has Ten Million Souls

Short Stories

1.   The Killers

2.   New Constitution

3.   Breakfast

4.   The Happy Prince

5.   Araby

6.   The Necklace

7.   Duchess and the Jeweler

8.   The Little Willow

9.   Shadow in the Rose Garden

One Act Plays

1.   The Bear

2.   Boy Comes Home

3.   Smoke Screens


1.   Between two friends on the choice of profession

2.   Between doctor and patient

3.   Between two friends on the importance of book reading

4.   Between two friends in the need of tolerance in our society

5.   Between teacher and student on co-education

6.   Between bank manager and customer on opening a bank account

7.   Between two friends on the need of constructing dams

8.   Between teacher and students on increasing pollution


Translation Passages and Comprehensions all from past papers

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BA ADP English Part.2 Annual 2023 Exams Guess Papers Punjab University

Modern Essays

1.     Pakistan and the Modern World

2.     Whistling of Birds

3.     Take the Plunge

4.     Nagasaki

5.     My Tailor

6.     Grandfather

7.     The Beauty Industry

8.     Are Doctors Men of Science?

9.     Hosts and Guests

10.   On saying Please

11.   From some Police Men and a Moral

12.   Tolerance

13.   Super

14.   The Vitamins

The Old Man and the Sea

1.     Symbolic importance of the novel

2.     Justify the ending of the novel

3.     Santiago s’ fight with sharks

4.     Santiago fight with Marlin

5.     Major interests of the old man

6.     Santiago s’ character

7.     Sea as a living being

Important Essays Topics

1.     Coronavirus / Lockdown and its Impacts

2.     China Pakistan Economic corridor

3.     The Role of Media

4.     The Role of Judiciary

5.     Economy of Pakistan

6.     Role of Woman in Nation Development

7.     Green Pakistan Vision

8.     Water Shortage in Pakistan

9.      Inflation in Pakistan

Letters to Editors

1.     About the problem of pollution

2.     Increase in bus fare

3.     Smoking in colleges and public places

4.     Poor street lights and increasing street crimes

5.     Poor sanitary conditions

6.     Evil of beggary



1.     For the post of English teacher

2.     To District Chairman to end encroachment

3.     To manager LTC for decrease in bus fare

4.     To college principal for installation of Electric water cooler

5.     To secretary higher education for the grant of scholarship

Idioms and Correction of sentences all in past papers


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