4 Jan 2021

Re- opening of Schools Colleges and Universities Phase wise in Pakistan


All the Schools Colleges and Universities Will Be Opened Phase Wise in Pakistan

Decisions have been finalized in today Inter provincial Education Ministers Conference

Today on 4th January 2021, an Inter Provincial Education Ministers Conference was held under the supervision of Federal Education Minister Mr. Shafqat Mehmood.

In this conference many important decisions have been made regarding re opening of schools colleges and universities in the country.

It has been decided in the meeting that all the educational institutes over the country will be opened phase-wise.

In the 1st phase , 9th, 10th, 11th,12th classes will be started on 18th January 2021.

In the second phase, classes 1-8th will start on 25th January 2021.

In the 3rd phase, all the universities will be opened on 1st  February 2021.

It has also been decided that SOPs will be observed strictly in all schools colleges and universities. Students will join classes on alternatively. Fifty percent students will come in a day, and the rest fifty percent will come on other day.

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