3 Jan 2021

BA English Literature Short Story The Basement Room Summary and Important Points


The Basement Room

By Graham Greene


Important Points


1. This story is of an innocent seven years old child Philip who is filtered through a psycho-analytical perspective.

2. Master Philip s’ parents are away from home on holidays. The young guy is being looked after by Mr. and Mrs. Baines. His previous nurse has given up the job and new nurse has not yet joined the job

3. Mr. Baines is an experienced old fellow of sixty years of age who has worked in Africa. He worked there in Africa and supervised forty niggers

4. Intentionally or unintentionally, he starts treating Philip like an elderly man. He tells him stories and shares his experiences with him

5. Despite a lot of difference in their age, both like each other but the both do not like Mrs. Baines who is a strict fellow and calls Philip Master Philip instead of Philip

6. When Philip asks for a permission of going out in the street, first she rejects but then she allows

7. Philip insist on Mr. Baines to accompany him but he says sorry, perhaps it is his time to meet up with his niece

8. When Philip is wandering in the street, he catches sight of Mr. Baines sitting with a young girl. When Philip calls Mr. Baines in the tone of Mrs. Baines, he startles and introduces the girl as his niece. He also requests Philip not to tell this story to Mrs. Baines

9. Mr. Baines declares that Mrs. Baines is away from the home for one day. It is a best chance to eat, drink, and have fun and to enjoy love moments with Emmy whom he earlier had introduced as his niece before Philip. He is doing so as he is fed up  with old disgusting lady Mr. Baines

10.  As per the pre planed plan, Baines takes Philip out to the zoo where they meet Emmy. Baines requests Emmy to join them at the home and Emmy is there

11. Mrs. Baines is also very clever, she sends a telegram that she is away for one more day but she arrives early to trap the couple

12. She comes suddenly and asks Philip to tell about the couple and tries to bribe him. Philip keeps the secret intact. At this Mrs. Baines go to the basement room. From behind Philip shouts Baines, Baines

13. There starts a quarrel, Mrs. Baines slips from the banister and is no more in this world. Seeing this Philip is terrified and runs out of the home. Walking in the streets for a long time, he is tired. He starts crying to get others attraction

14. A lady offers him to take him to his house. A constable takes him to Justice. Baines, at home, is calling for a doctor saying a lady has slipped from the stairs. The constable notices that matter is not as simple as is being told

15. Baines pleads him to keep the secret as Emmy was not there at the time of incident but Philip discloses the secret as he is fed up with keeping old man s’ secrets

16. Mrs. Baines becomes a nightmare for Philip. She terrifies Philip in his dreams as she terrified him during her life

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