2 Jan 2021

BA English Literature Short Story The Little Willow Summary and Important Points


The little Willow

                                                                                    By Frances Tower

1.      It is a very beautiful story about silent love. The hero of the story is Simon Byrne whereas the heroine of the story is a young beautiful girl named Lisby. 

2.      They love each other but they do not express their love. Their love is only eye to eye and heart to heart.

3.      Courthouse is a place where the Army officers come to spend their holidays.

4.      Lisby s’ sisters Charlotte and Brenda are not sincere in love.

5.      When Simon Byrne comes there, Lisby looks at him and feels that he is her kind of person. 

6.      They both like each other and start loving each other in their hearts. But they do not express their love.

7.      When he is going to leave, Lisby gives him a little willow tree as a gift of love.

8.      Simon was killed in the war. At the time of death he was keeping the willow tree with him.

9.      When the war ends, the lovers of Brenda and Charlotte return. But Simon did not return.

10.  Once a guest tells Lisby that he was with Simon when he died. He tells that Simon loved the girl who had given him the willow tree. At that time Lisby tells him that Simon was her love.

11.  In the end of the story when her sister tells her that there is no letter for her, she tells her that she has received her letter.

12.  In this story, the willow tree is the symbol of love and purity of hearts.


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