2 Jan 2021

BA English Literature Short Story The Woman Who Had Imagination


                                  The Woman Who Had Imagination

                                                           By H.E.  Bates

Important Points

1.       The brake a carriage carrying a group of musicians, lovers and beloved women is moving at a country road at a peaceful speed. All the members are so enthusiastic that they are cutting jokes with one another. They were going towards Antonio Serelli s’ house

2.       A draper Alfred is more inclined to music instead of his business. He has organized a music group named “Orpheus Male Voice Glee Singers” which takes part along with other music bands in music competitions at Antonio s’ house every year

3.       Alfred s’ young son who is very sensitive, looks after the shop. He sees no particular change in the life for the next fifty years. He hates the dummies in the shop and wishes that one of them should come enliven

4.       The brake passes through a forest facing bumpy ride. They stop at an Ale House to have drinks then they pass by a village having a fortress like church.

5.       Henry Solly the son of Alfred Solly is a different kind of young man who shows no interest and thinks the whole voyage useless. He feels remorse on his coming

6.       This young guy observes the band closely. He sees that a blond handsome man advances to a school teacher whom he thinks very hot

7.       They hear the birds sounds and jays cooing and the sleepy farmers who wave their welcome gestures under the shady trees

8.       At last the whole group enters the Antonio s’ house who lives with his sister Madalena a twenty eight year old woman. She has black beautiful eyes and is married to an abnormal and jealous old man

9.       All the party members move around the lawn and see the old decorated house. When Henry knows about the reality of Madalena s’ marriage from the fish mongers then he hits the idea of “The woman who had imagination”

10.   Madalena s’ husband is narrow minded and jealous, he wants his wife sitting before him and read books to him. This is why she comes out rarely. He has no proper eating manners

11.   Henry walks around the lake , his meeting with Madalena becomes the focal point of the story

12.   On their way back, sitting silently in the brake Henry thinks about the woman who possesses imagination. Possibly she loves Henry but she is helpless

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