2 Jan 2021

BA English Literature Short Story The Voice


The Voice

By V.S. Pritchett


Important Points


1. A bomb hits the Church and the whole building turns into rubble, recue party along with police comes to rescue the people. A policeman advises the people to keep quiet and listen to the voice of the victim.

2. Smoke rises from the burnt clothes then they hear the swish of a pigeon. It is a good omen for them

3. Mr. Morgan s’ voice is heard under the debris. He is constantly singing a song, a hymn to God.

4. When the policeman claims that it is the voice of Morgan who had got silver medal in singing, a clergyman the Reverend Frank Lewis gets angry. Frank Lewis rejects this claim of the policeman. He is jealous of Mr. Morgan an ex- clergyman

5. Frank Lewis wonders how this devil man Morgan gets into the church. But Morgan using old key did this. Morgan goes on singing under the debris.

6. As the sides of the dug whole crumbles, the rescuer scrambles out. Frank Lewis gets into the whole working like a mad man and requesting Morgan to go on singing. When he approaches the victim he vows that God will forgive him.

7. Before bombing, Lewis deems Morgan as a devilish man but now he is helping him from the core of his heart and wants to save his life. Now Lewis has given up his jealousy, now they are friends.

8. The floor plank slips and Lewis gets suspended in the air, now Morgan who is enjoying his drink and singing helps him. Morgan suggests that Lewis should not come there to help him.

9. The time of calamity, converted two persons’ enmity into friendship

10.The rescuers laugh and the wardens are too much happy at this act.

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