2 Jan 2021

BA English Literature Short Story The Maria Summary and Important Points


The Maria

By Elizabeth Bowen

1.      Lady Rimlade takes Maria to Rectory run by the Doselys. Rimlade says that her niece is motherless. Mrs. Doselys says that she has two daughters who would be very friendly with her.

2.      They sent out Maria out of the room when discuss her character but she gets near the window and overhears what is going on between the two ladies.

3.      Rimlade assures Doselys that Maria is a good girl as she is educated from the best schools. She further says that her husband Mr. Philip has fallen ill unfortunately and they have to go to France and Marseilles. Lady Rimlade is thankful to Doselys who makes possible their journey to France by allowing Maria to stay at her home

4.      Maria is a clever girl; actually she is a she-wolf in sheep skin. She hates rectories and religious people like Doselys and everything belonging to them.

5.      Maria has a trump card. Once Rector Hammond comes to rectory for a supper. Doselys are quite satisfied that Maria will not create any disturbance for them. When Mr. Doselys says that Maria looks like a girl guide, she replies that she hates girl guides ,not knowing the fact that Doselys’ two daughters are girl guides

6.      Mr. Doselys and Hammond laughed and giggled in shame. She wants to teach a lesson to Rimlade she weaves an intrigue. She chases Hammond devilishly all the time. She plans carefully how to create a real fuss with Hammond

7.      She writes a letter to Aunt Ena and Uncle Philip saying that she is deeply in love with Rector Hammond. This is an intrigue made by Maria

8.      She goes to Hammond s’ house and shows a copy of letter to him suggesting that must be engaged soon

9.      The letter is blown away by Rimlade while reading standing on board. She sends a telegram that Maria must write again.

10.  Maria is thrashed by Hammond and Mr. Philip asks his niece to join them at Marseilles. In this way Maria is successful in getting out of Doselys’ Rectory

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