2 Jan 2021

BA English Literature Short Story The Kite Summary and Important Points



BA English Literature

The Kite

by Somerset Maugham

Important Points

1.      Sameul Sunbury with his wife Beatrice Sunbury lives in the outskirts of London. He works in a Lawyer s’ office and is much humble man.

2.      For many years , he has been using same conveyance for work

3.      Herbert is the only son of them. When grown up, this young guy is very strong with blue beautiful eyes. Soon after the school education, his father Semule Sunbury adjusts him in the account office, this become the source of some extra money for the family.

4.      In that area, there is a field with a knoll, where the kite flyers satisfy their passion. Herbert starts visiting this place and indulges in kite flying. With the passage of time, the whole family indulges in this passion due to Herbert. They start mixing with the commoners.

5.      Now Herbert is in the habit of visiting cinema at nights. One night, a girl Betty Bevan, sitting next to Herbert, become acquaintance with Herbert. Betty is invited by Herbert at Tea. Herbert declares that he is interested in Betty. Beatrice Samuel, the mother of Herbert rejects the proposal saying that it is a trick by Betty to snatch away their only son.

6.      Betty and Herbert get married without the permission of their parents. Betty has no family, she is alone. They take two roomed house and brought furniture on rent.

7.      The passion and feelings of love die with the passage of time and a time of remorse and monotony starts for the newlywed couple. Betty hates kites as a foolish childish sport

8.      Once Herbert goes to the field of kite flyers, Betty chases him. Herbert s’ mother seas him and invites him at tea. Betty lost her temperament and it became the source of a serious row between the couple. Herbert picks up his bag and starts living with his parents.

9.      Once when the whole family is in the church opening, Betty enters into the home and cuts the big kite with a hatchet. Herbert is so much angry and vows to kill Betty. His father pacifies him. Herbert stops giving money to Betty. She follows Herbert everywhere in the streets, abuses her and throws stone at their room s’ window.

10.   Betty sued Herbert, the couple appeared twice before the magistrate who wants to reconcile the family but Herbert is not ready to give in. In place of cooperating ,he prefers going to prison. In this story a common matter of kite flying ruins a family and the life of a young woman.

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