19 Jan 2021

BA English 3rd Year and 4th Year Guess Papers for Annual 2020 Exams Punjab University

BA English Guess 3rd Year Punjab University
Annual Exams 2020

Dear students , due to postponement of exams again and again, it has even become very difficult to prepare accurate guess. Any how , here you are told minimum syllabus to pass through the exams. It does not mean that you should skip other items.

1. Poems

2. Short Stories

3. One Act Plays
Prepare 1st two one act plays well

4. Read all comprehensions passages from the past papers

i. Dialogue on use of drugs in colleges
ii. Dialogue on fashion in colleges
iii. Dialogue on water crisis
iv. Dialogue between doctor and patient
v. Dialogue on the importance of book reading
vi. Dialogue on the choice of profession

6. Urdu to English Translation Passages
 Read all Passages given in the past papers

BA English 4th Year Guess Papers 
Annual 2020 Exams Punjab University

1. Modern Essays
Prepare 1st 10 modern essays constantly,including
On Saying Please,Tolerance,The Vitamins

1. Character of Santiago
2. Santiago-Manolin relationship
3.Themes of the novel
4. Old man s' fight with fish
5.Old man s' fight with sharks
6. Sea as a character

3. Important Essays
1. Corona virus and lock down
2. Democracy
3.Role of Media
4.Role of judiciary
5. Role of woman in nation building
6. China Pakistan Economic Corridor
7. Water Crisis and Need of Dams

4.Correction of sentences

5. Idioms

1. Harms of smoking
2. Street begging
3. Poor street lights
4. rash driving on the busy roads of the city

7. Application for the post of Teacher

Disclaimer: These are only important topics,they are not final.Therefore, don not take them as final.
For best preparation, utilize other best sources also.

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