24 Dec 2020

BA English Short Story The Necklace MCQs Notes

The Necklace

by  G.D Maupassant

Choose the correct option

1- "The Necklace" is the penwork of _________

a.   Oscar Wilde

b.   G.D Maupassant

c.    Edgar Allan Poe

d.   John Ashbery

2- G.D Maupassant was born on __________

a.   3 March 1840

b.   10 April 1845

c.    5 August 1850

d.   15 May 1855

3- He was born in ________

a.   Tourville-sur-Arques

b.   South Africa

c.    Iceland

d.   Greenland

4- He was a ________

a.   French novelist

b.   short story writer

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

5- He remembered as a representative of the ___________

a.   Naturalist school

b.   Materialistic school

c.    luxuries school

d.   poor life conditions

6- His penname is ________

a.   Guy de Valmont

b.   Joseph Prunier

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

7- He died at the age of ________

a.   40

b.   41

c.    42

d.   43

8- He died on _________

a.   5 June 1890

b.   10 March 1891

c.    15 May 1892

d.   6 July 1893

9- He died in _________

a.   Istanbul

b.   Uganda

c.    Passay, Paris

d.   none of these

10- In ______ he displays all the qualities which distinguish him as a master artist of short story writing

a.   The Beauty Industry

b.   The Necklace

c.    The Tell-Tale Heart

d.   The Araby

11- ________ was an imaginative type of woman

a.   Mrs Eva

b.   Mrs Loisel

c.    Mrs Elsa

d.   Mrs Emilia

12- She often thinks about __________

a.   rich houses

b.   beautiful dresses

c.    ornaments and luxuries of an aristocratic life

d.   all of above

13- She had a rich friend ___________

a.   Mrs Elsa

b.   Mrs Frostier

c.    Mrs Eva

d.   all of above

14- She did not go to see her because of her _________

a.   busy routine

b.   poverty

c.    schooling

d.   studies

15- One day, her husband brought an invitation for a ball at the ___________

a.   minister's

b.   friend's

c.    Mrs Frostier's

d.   Mother in law's

16- She told her husband that she would not be able to go because she did not have ________

a.   any time

b.   any dress

c.    invitation

d.   all of above

17- Her husband gave her _____ francs for a dress

a.   200

b.   300

c.    400

d.   500

18- Her husband saved that money for himself to buy a _______

a.   dress

b.   car

c.    motocycle

d.   gun

19- After dress she did not have any  any _______ to put on with dress

a.   sandle

b.   jewel

c.    flowers

d.   purles

20- Her husband suggested that she should wear some _________

a.   old jewelery

b.   fresh flowers

c.    coat

d.   none of these

21- He suggested that she should borrow some _____ from her friend

a.   dress

b.   sandle

c.    jewel

d.   bracelet

22- She went to friend and borrowed ______

a.   dress

b.   sandle

c.    diamond necklace

d.   all of these

23- The day of the party arrived ________ was prettiest of all

a.   Mrs Frostier

b.   Mrs Loisel

c.    Mrs Elsa

d.   Mrs Eva

24- All the member of the cabinet wanted to _________ with her

a.   dinner

b.   dinned

c.    dance

d.   marry

25- She went home towards ____ of clock in the morning

a.   3

b.   4

c.    5

d.   6

26- She went in front of ________

a.   mirror

b.   husband

c.    car

d.   house

27- Her _________ was not present

a.   bracelet

b.   necklace

c.    ear rings

d.   crown

 28- They decided to replace the ___________

a.   gun

b.   dress

c.    documents

d.   necklace

29- After a __________ struggle they were able to find a necklace exactly identical

a.   month's

b.   week's

c.    2 week's

d.   2 month's

30- Its price was __________ franc

a.   30000

b.   32000

c.    34000

d.   36000

31- Loisel possessed _________ franc

a.   15000

b.   18000

c.    21000

d.   24000

32- The rest they had to __________

a.   rent

b.   borrow

c.    lend

d.   none of these

33- They brought the necklace and returned it to ___________

a.   Mrs Loisel

b.   Minister

c.    Mrs Frostier

d.   Mrs Elsa

34- After this their life was most ________

a.   luxurious

b.   mateliatislic

c.    happy

d.   miserable

35- They shifted to a ___________

a.   banglow

b.   city

c.    official house

d.   cheaper house

36- Loisel did ______ to earn more money

a.   part time job

b.   nothing

c.    bussiness

d.   stealing

37- It took ____ years to repay the money

a.   5

b.   10

c.    15

d.   20

38- Mrs Loisel often thought how life would have been different for them if the ______ had not been lost

a.   money

b.   gun

c.    documents

d.   necklace

39- The necklace which they had suffered so long was ________

a.   of diamond

b.   of ruby

c.    fake

d.   of gold

40- The necklace was no more than _______ francs

a.   300

b.   400

c.    500

d.   600

41- Mr Loisel is a _______ in the board of Education

a.   teacher

b.   clerk

c.    head master

d.   swipper

42- ________ is the wife of Mr Loisel

a.   Fostress

b.   Matilda

c.    Eva

d.   Elsa

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