5 Dec 2020

ADP-Associate Degree Program in Arts Part.1 and 2 Syllabus and Paper Pattern Punjab University


Punjab University

Associate Degree in Arts       Paper pattern                        T.Marks: 100               Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

English Language .1                                       Section: A

Q1: Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the following. 7+7+6= 20 Marks

a) Will lie on nights                                                    

In the bony arms

Of Reality and be comforted.

b) The music in my heart I bore

Long after it was heard no more.

c) Weave a circle round him thrice

And close your eyes with holy dread,

For he on the honey dew hath fed,

And drunk the milk of Paradise.

d) And I'm in a state of mind which, if I don't pay the interest due to-morrow, will force me to make a graceful exit from this life feet first. They'll take my estate!

e) Look here, Uncle James, do you really think that you can treat me like a boy who‘s just left school? Do you think four years at the front have made no difference at all?

Q2: Attempt any TWO of the following questions.(150 Words)  10+10=20 Marks

a)      The Little Willow is a story of silent love-How?

b)      The Play is farce; discuss with reference to one act play The Bear.

c)      Mangu s’ dreams are pure but full of innocence.

Q3: Attempt any TWO of the following questions. (150 Words) 10+10=20 Marks

a)      Discuss the poem “Patriot Into Traitor” as a melodramatic poem.

b)      What is personification; point it out in the poem, “New Year Resolutions.”

c)      How can the modern man get rid of his tensions (Leisure)?


Section: B

Q4: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end. 25 Marks

Honesty is the surest way to success. The day at last comes when the dishonest man repents in sorrow and suffering. But no man ever needs to repent of having been honest. Even when the honest man fails through lacking other qualities such as energy, economy, or system, his failure is not the grievous thing as it is to the dishonest man. He can always rejoice in the fact that he has never defrauded a fellow being. Even in his darkest hour, he finds response in a clear conscience. Ignorant men imagine that dishonesty is short-cut to prosperity. This is why they practise it. The dishonest man is morally short-sighted. He is like the drunkard who sees the immediate pleasure of his habit, but not the ultimate degradation. He sees the immediate effect of a dishonest act - a large profit - but not its ultimate outcome.


i.                    Why do honest men even fail sometimes?

ii.                  Why is the dishonest man morally shortsighted?

iii.                Why do some people practise dishonesty in their dealings?

iv.                 Is dishonesty a shortcut to prosperity?

v.                   Suggest a suitable title of the passage.

vi.                 Make a précis of the above passage and suggest a suitable title for it.


Q5: Write a dialogue between two friends on corruption in the country.    15 Marks


Translate the given passage into English.

دنیا میں ایسے آدمی بہت کم ہوتے ہیں جن کے سامنے کوئی بُلند مقصد ہو اور وہ اس کی خاطر اپنی جان تک قربان کر دیں ۔ ایسے ہی آدمیوں سے قوموں کی تاریخ بنتی ہے۔ ٹیپو سلطان شہید کا شمار ایسے ہی انسانوں میں ہوتا ہے ۔ اور  وہ کہا کرتے تھے  کہ "شیر کی زندگی کا ایک دن  گیدڑ کی زندگی کے ایک سو سال سے بہتر ہے" یہ بات بلکل درست ہے انسان کے لئے یہی لازم ہے کہ شیر کی طرح زندگی بسر کرے اور اللہ کے سوا کسی سے نہ ڈرے اور ملک کے دُشمن کے سامنے چٹان کی طرح جم جائے۔






Punjab University

Associate Degree in Arts       Paper pattern                        T.Marks: 100               Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

English Language .2                                       Section: A

Q1: Attempt any TWO of the following.( 150 Words) 10+10=20 Marks

a)      What is the message of the essay, “The Eclipse”?

b)      “It is very easy to see fanaticism in other people, but difficult to spot it in oneself. “Do you agree?

c)      What are water and fat soluble?


Q2: Attempt any TWO of the following questions.(150 Words)  10+10=20 Marks

a)      Santiago s’ Persian fault pushes him to his failure.

b)      What are the main themes of the novel, “The Old Man and the Sea?”

c)      “Man is not made for defeat. Elaborate?

Section: B

Important Note: Over attempted Idioms/Correction of sentences will not be marked. Only the first five will be marked.

Q3: Write an essay with outline on any one of the following topics ( 300-350 Words) 25 Marks

1.      Revival of Economy in Pakistan

2.      The Importance of Female Education

3.      China Pakistan Economic Corridor

4.      Judicial System in Pakistan

5.      Our Social Values

Q4: Correct any five of the following sentences.  10 Marks

1.      The man is mortal.

2.      More we get, more we want.

3.      The climate of Murree is colder than Lahore.

4.      Slow and steady win the race.

5.      He is the wisest of the two.

6.      What makes you to look so happy?

7.      It is me who helped him.

8.      I eat much fruits every day.

9.      Either he or I are right.

10.  Each of the students are honest.

Q5: Use any five of the idiomatic phrases in sentences. 10 Marks

1.      Put up with

2.      At hand

3.      Above board

4.      At a snail s’ pace

5.      A thumbnail sketch

6.      A Democle s’ sword

7.      Ins an out

8.      Bring under

9.      Make out

10.  Get over


Q6: Write a letter to the newspaper editor about the use of drugs in colleges. 15


Write an application to the secretary of education for the post of English Teacher in your college.


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