28 Nov 2020

What is ADP-Associate Degree Program and the Scope of ADP in Pakistan?


What is ADP-Associate Degree Program in Pakistan?

Can students participate in ADP as private students?

Can we do MA/M.Sc and participate in CSS and other competitive exams after ADP?

As we know that BA/B.Sc two years degree programs have been phased out in Pakistan by HEC. The students who would do BA/B.Sc two years degree program after 31 December 2019, HEC will not recognize their degree.

Now the universities of Pakistan have started ADP after HEC ban on two year BA/ B.SC degree program. ADP stands for Associate Degree Program. It is of three types: ADA- Associate Degree program in Arts, ADS-Associate Degree program in science and ADC- Associate Degree Program in Commerce.

The students who will enroll themselves after 31 December 2019 in any university, the university will give them ADP degree. HEC will recognize this degree program. So, the students need not to be worried.

ADP is just like BA/B.SC and B.Com two years degree program. Still syllabus is same but gradually, the universities will change its syllabus. This process would take some time. Gradually it will be converted into a market skills based degree. The exam system will be annual and supplementary. Like BA and B.SC ,if a student appear in it, he or she will be given four chances to complete it, if not, he or she will have to reappear in all subjects.

Students can participate in this degree privately. After ADP, they can seek admission in BS 5th semester or in MA M.SC or in M.Com level degree. After ADP students can appear in CSS or all other competitive exams. He or she can apply for government and private jobs.

Students after passing their FA/F.Sc can take admission in BS 4 year program. This program has 8 semesters which only can be done on regular bases. If a student of BS 4 Years program quits after two years, the University will award him ADP: Associate Degree.

What is ADP-Associate Degree Program

Likewise if any student does ADP privately, and takes part in the 5th semester of BS and completes 8 semesters, the university will award him BS 4 year Program Degree.

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  1. Am. Done my adp CS can i get admission in university? My marks was less than 45% in intermediate
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