23 Nov 2020

Technical and Medical Institutions will Go on Working during the Closure of Regular Educational Institutes Across Pakistan


All schools Colleges Universities Will Remain Closed From 26 November 2020 to 11 January 2021 Except Technical Institutes

Senior Level Medical Institutes where in job training is given will remain opened

Today an educational Ministers’ meeting was held in Islamabad. The meeting was chaired by federal education minister Shafqat Mehmood. In this meeting all the provincial ministers participated.


At the end of the meeting it was announced that all educational institutes including schools, colleges, universities and evening schools will remain closed from 26 November 2020 till 11th January 2021.


It was also decided that all exams being taken in December will be postponed. The schools, colleges, universities will be opened after 11 January 2021. They will monitor the situation and would make further decisions.


But the education ministry has exempted some educational institutes here. The federal minister said that technical educational and medical institutes where in job training is given will go on working. Likewise the exams for seeking a job will be conducted as necessary.


The winter vacation will start from 20 December up to 10th January 2021.All the regular institutes will remain closed from 11th November 2020 till 11th January 2021. One third students will be allowed to stay in all hostels.


Here this year chances are that no student will be promoted without exams. Much work has been done by the education ministry on education during COVID-19. In March 2020 they started Tele School for the students whom to get education sitting at home. Now the government has signed a MoU with Radio Pakistan to start a Radio School.

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