21 Nov 2020

Punjab Government Will Provide E-License Facility to the Private Schools Owners in Registration Process

E-License for private Schools in Punjab Pakistan

The private Schools owners will be able tog get their schools registered via online E- License System.

Punjab government is facilitating the private education sector. Firstly it was very problematic for the owners of private schools to get their schools registered. They had to move from pillar to the post for the process of registration.


Now the Punjab Government is trying to do the system online. Through this system the owners of the private schools will deposit the recommended fee online and would fill the requirements. The Government will issue license at their doorstep.


Recently provincial Education minister of Punjab Pakistan met with the team of PITB: Punjab Information Technology Board regarding E- license for the private schools of Punjab. The minister said, “This will curb huge corruption that takes place in this process. “This system will also have the option of renewal of E-Licenses every year.


Muraad Rass specially thanked to the online system which will provide a transparent process to the private school owners and this will save them from giving extra money in the form of corruption.


The present government is trying to provide a fair system to every walk of life. The main target of this government is to facilitate the people and to end corruption in the education as well as other sectors.


Regarding a question of closure of schools and colleges, he said that no decision has been made yet. On 23 November 2020, again a meeting is going to be held. Further decisions will be made in that meeting.

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