20 Nov 2020

General Essay on the Pleasures of Winter in Pakistan


Pleasures of winter in Pakistan

Winter is the coldest season of the year In this season temperature falls below zero, snow starts to fall, lakes are frozen. The sky remains cloudy. The activities of the people shrink.


In Pakistan, this season is full of activities; many social, economic and political activities take place in this wintry Season. There are large social gatherings in this season. The areas where the weather becomes very harsh and intense, in those areas the school, are closed.


There are a number of Pleasures which are enjoyed in this season. First of all, winter is the season of marriages in Pakistan. In the beginning of winter and at the end of winter, the marriage season is on its peak.


In Pakistan, winter is considered the season of eating. In villages, the grandmothers prepare many special foods. These foods are very heavy but are very energetic. They cannot be eaten in the hot season, so people enjoy these special foods in the winter season with tea.


Sea food is eaten commonly during the winter season in Pakistan. Many shops and special stalls are erected where the people buy the roasted fishes. In winter season the fish is very useful food, it is full of many essential vitamins needed for the growth of body. So in the winter season Pakistanis like to eat fish which keep them energetic and healthy.


Winter is the season of dry fruits. Dry fruit is a great gift of God in the winter season. People like to eat peanuts, walnuts, pistachio, and other dry fruits. In cities the Pathans sell these dry fruit almost at every market. This dry fruit is brought from Azad Kashmir and Northern areas of Pakistan. In winter season, sitting in quilts and eating peanuts is very common and the most cherished practice of Pakistanis.


The nature lover Pakistanis go to Murree and other Northern areas to enjoy snow fall. When there is a winter break in the schools, the people with their families and children plan to visit Murree and to enjoy the natural phenomenon. They do skating on the snow, make snowman and throw snow balls on others to enjoy and for the sake of fun.


Much and many more nutritious fruits are available in the winter season. Grapes, grapefruits, bananas, pomegranate, peach, pears and oranges are easily available in the winter season. People like to buy oranges and to eat them while sitting in the sunshine at noon.


In the villages, at Deras, people like to sit around the fire and to have gupshup with one another. They have fun. Story telling is very common. Some singers amuse the simple audience with their sweet local melodies. At night dance parties are organized by the people. And this is only for fun and laughter.


Sum up, we can say that winter is a great blessing of Allah. We should try to enjoy it. After every winter there is a spring season. Flowers bloom in the spring season. Snow melts, grass start growing, streams start running and there are new buds on the trees.

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