8 Nov 2020

BA Part.1 and 2 Education Changed Syllabus and Paper Pattern Punjab University


Punjab University Changed Syllabus of Education


This syllabus is changed for the students of BA Part.1 and 2 students private and regular students who sent their admission in 2019 and they are appearing in Annual 2020 Exams.


The BA Private and regular students who sent their admissions on 2018 and before 2018, they will follow old syllabus of Education BA Part.1 and 2.


In this regard, Punjab University issued a notification on January 2019.The notification says that Education Part 1 and 2 syllabus and paper has been changed. This notification is effected from Annual 2020 and onward exams.


In this regard, when our team contacted the officials of PU, they verified that BA both parts education syllabus and paper pattern has been changed. Now the students appearing in Annual 2020 and onward exams will follow the new syllabus and paper pattern as per January 2019 notification.


In the notification before January 2019,PU changed only BA Part.1 Education syllabus. But in the later notification, they changed the both parts Education syllabus.


Here this thing should be remembered that only education both parts syllabus and paper pattern has been changed. There are rumours  on social media that Islamiyat compulsory and Pak.St Syllabus and paper pattern has also been changed. These are wrong information. PU has only changed BA Prt.1 and 2 Education syllabus and paper patterns.


Pic of PU Notification


BA Education PU Notification


Papers Pattern Education Part.1 and 2 for Annul 2020 and onward Exams

MCQs   20 Marks

Short Questions   20 Marks

Long Questions     60 Marks

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