25 Nov 2020

BA English Short Story The Tell Tale Heart MCQs Notes


The Tell-Tale Heart

by Edgar Allan Poe

Choose the correct option

1- "The Tell-Tale Heart" is the penwork of _____________

a.      Richard Haword

b.      John Milton

c.       Edgar Allan Poe

d.      Emily Dickinson

2- He was born on _________

a.      12 March 1800

b.      19 January 1809

c.       20 June 1819

d.      23 Dec 1908

3- He was  the __________

a.      poet

b.      editor and literary critic

c.       American writer

d.      all of above

4- Poe is best known for his __________

a.      luxurious life

b.      poetry

c.       short stories

d.      both b and c

5- He is widely regarded as a central figure of ___________ in the United States

a.      criticism

b.      socialism

c.       Romanticism

d.      none of these

6- He is also generally considered the inventor of the ___________

a.      computer

b.      languages

c.       detective fiction

d.      detective non-fiction

7- Poe was born in __________

a.      Sicily

b.      Ireland

c.       Boston

d.      Emilia

8-He is the second child of actor ___________

a.      David

b.      Elizabeth

c.       Henry

d.      both a and b

9- His father abandoned the family in _______

a.      1809

b.      1810

c.       1811

d.      1812

10- Poe married  Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe in _________

a.      1830

b.      1832

c.       1834

d.      1836

11- Poe died on _______

a.      7 Oct 1849

b.      5 June 1850

c.       9 March 1851

d.      10 Dec 1853

12- Poe died at the age of _________

a.      35

b.      40

c.       45

d.      50

13- Poe died in __________

a.      Baltimore, Maryland

b.      Ireland

c.       Italy

d.      none of these

14- He studied at __________

a.      University of Virginia

b.      United States Military Academy

c.       Oxford University

d.      both a and b

15-  Poe is perhaps the most complex _________ writer

a.      England

b.      American

c.       Italian

d.      Greenland

16- He can create an atmosphere of _________

a.      horror

b.      strange fantasies

c.       psychological abnormalities

d.      all of above

17- The ___________ is also a story of horror and suspense

a.      The Tell-Tale Heart

b.      The Duchess and the Jeweler

c.       The Araby

d.      none of these

18- The writer surprises the reader by declaring that he wished to kill the __________

a.      dog

b.      lady

c.       baby

d.      old man

19- He did not like one of his _________

a.      hand

b.      ear

c.       eye

d.      arm

20- He ______ the reader throughout the story

a.      haunts

b.      relaxes

c.       hates

d.      loves

21- He could not face the prick of his conscious in the form of his ___________

a.      face

b.      horror

c.       loud heart beat

d.      enemy

22- He confesses his crime before the ________

a.      old man

b.      police

c.       lady

d.      judge

23- He tells that he is not _______

a.      mad

b.      doctor

c.       teacher

d.      policeman

24- It was like the eye of __________

a.      animal

b.      his enemy

c.       vulture eye

25- The murderer loved the ___________

a.      old man

b.      lady

c.       teacher

d.      doctor

26- He decided to kill him in order to get rid of his _______

a.      face

b.      evil eye

c.       hand

d.      none of these

27- He continued trying to kill the old man for __________

a.      5 nights

b.      6 nights

c.       7 nights

d.      8 nights

28- He could not kill him because he always found _________

a.      him awake

b.      his eye closed

c.       not there

d.      none of these

29- He wanted to enter the room but his thumb slipped on the ___________

a.      door

b.      door handle

c.       fastening of the lantern

d.      button of touch

30- The old man sprang up in his _________

a.      sofa

b.      chair

c.       wheel chair

d.      bed

31- The murderer kept himself still for about _________

a.      two days

b.      an hour

c.       a day

d.      a night

32- Then he heard the sound of his _________

a.      crying

b.      laughing

c.       groaning

d.      smiling

33- He dragged the _______ on the floor

a.      young man

b.      police man

c.       old man

d.      thief

34- The old man was dead because of  _________

a.      bullet

b.      disease

c.       cancer

d.      suffocation

35- He took up ____ planks from the floor

a.      2

b.      3

c.       4

d.      5

36- When he had finished his work, _______ policemen arrived

a.      2

b.      3

c.       4

d.      5

37- A shriek had been heard by a __________

a.      doctor

b.      policemen

c.       neighbour

d.      officer

38- The murderer, however, satisfied them that the shriek had been uttered by __________

a.      their quarrel

b.      him in a dream

c.       a character in a movie

d.      none of these

39- The old man had gone to the _________

a.      village

b.      school

c.       office

d.      city

40- The policemen sat down for ________

a.      the investigation

b.      a tea

c.       a chat

d.      a party

41- The _________ became intolerable for the murderer

a.      policemen

b.      heartbeat of an old man

c.       presence of an old man

d.      gossips of the policemen

42- He had no way out except to confess his ________

a.      prank

b.      naughtiness

c.       crime

d.      mistake

43-  At ____ O'clock, the killer disposed of the old man's dead body

a.      3

b.      4

c.       5

d.      6

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