2 Nov 2020

BA English Short Story Take Pity MCQs Notes


Take Pity

by Bernard Malamud

Choose the correct option

1- "Take Pity" is the penwork of __________

a.      Bernard Malamud

b.      Emily Dickinson

c.       John Milton

d.      Sophocles

2- Bernard Malamud was born on ___________

a.      20 March 1912

b.      26 April 1914

c.       25 June 1913

d.      15 July 1911

3- He was  the ____________

a.      American novelist

b.      short story writer

c.       both a and b

d.      none of these

4- He was one of the best known _________

a.      American Jewish authors

b.      British Jewish authors

c.       American Christ authors

d.      British Christ authors

5- He was one of the best known American Jewish authors of the ___________

a.      17th century

b.      18th century

c.       19th century

d.      20th century

6- He was born in __________

a.      Istanbul

b.      Uganda

c.       Egypt

d.      Brooklyn

7- He had a nationlity of ­­___________

a.      England

b.      America

c.       Uganda

d.      Italy

8- _______ is his notable work

a.      The Natural

b.      The Fixer

c.       both a and b

d.      none of these

9- He was the son of _____________

a.      Bertha

b.      Max Malamud

c.       Henry Malamud

d.      both a and b

10- He was especially fond of ___________ comedies

a.      Charlie Chaplin's

b.      John Milton's

c.       Sophocles

d.      Alexander Pope's

11- He obtained a master's degree from ____________

a.      Oxford University

b.      Columbia University

c.       Cambridge University

d.      none of these

12- Bernard Malamud died at the age of ________

a.      70

b.      71

c.       72

d.      80

13- He died on ____________

a.      18 March 1986

b.      1 July 1987

c.       4 June 1988

d.      5 June 1999

14- He was died in _________

a.      Brooklyn

b.      Egypt

c.       Manhattan

d.      Italy

15- Bernard Malamud is alive to the ____________

a.      history

b.      modern sensibility

c.       past's sensibility

d.      history's sensibility

16- He writes about the _____ problems of 20th century

a.      social

b.      cultural

c.       economic

d.      all of these

17- The World-wide depression of _________ is a mile stone of American history

a.      1930

b.      1935

c.       1940

d.      1945

18- Much ______ has been produced in that background

a.      literature

b.      history

c.       science

d.      fiction

19- The ______ made people eat crunches of the bread from the garbage

a.      richness

b.      illness

c.       depression

d.      sickness

20- In this story we read an undaunted struggle of __________

a.      man

b.      teenager

c.       woman

d.      teacher

21- She refuses every offer after the death of her _________

a.      father

b.      brother

c.       son

d.      husband

22- The offers made to her in the form of ________

a.      charity

b.      hatred

c.       kindness

d.      jealousy

23- Rosen's attitude toward _______is debased

a.      Henry

b.      Rosen

c.       Eva

d.      Milton

24- His proposer is not made on __________

a.      true love

b.      kindness

c.       mercy

d.      none of these

25- _________ is the representative character who takes a strong stance against every effort

a.      Rosen

b.      Eva

c.       Emily

d.      Henry

26- Eva is the widow of _________

a.      Rosen

b.      Axel Kalish

c.       Rosen Kalish Rosen

d.      none of these

27- Rosen is the friend of ________

a.      Axel

b.      Henry

c.       Emily

d.      Milton

28- After husband's death Eva want to run store with __________

a.      insurance money

b.      labors

c.       workers

d.      luxurious goods

29- Axel's friend Rosen advices her to leave the place and find  __________

a.      house

b.      job

c.       life partner

d.      property

30- Rosen offers her to leave the place and occupy his _________

a.      office

b.      store

c.       mart

d.      house

31- ______ has an unflinching faith in her struggle

a.      Eva

b.      Rosen

c.       Henry

d.      Richard

32- _________ proposes Eva

a.      Henry

b.      Richard

c.       Rosen

d.      Charley

33- She is not ready to accept charity from _________

a.      Rosen

b.      Axel

c.       Henry

d.      Charley

34- Eva has ______ daughters

a.      two

b.      three

c.       four

d.      five

35- _______ shakes his fist toward Eva and abuses her badly

a.      Axel

b.      Axel's daughter

c.       Rosen

d.      Eva's daughter

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