12 Nov 2020

BA English Short Story The Happay Prince MCQs Notes


The Happy Prince

by Oscar Wilde

Choose the correct option

1- "The Happy Prince" is the penwork of ________

a.  John Milton

b.  Nathalian Hawthorne

c.   Oscar Wilde

d.  Emily Dickinson

2- He was born on ________

a.  16 October 1854

b.  17 March 1855

c.   2 June 1856

d.  4 July 1857

3- He was born in __________

a.  Oak Park

b.  Dublin

c.   Uganda

d.  Australia

4- He was the son of __________

a.  Sir William Wilde

b.  John Milton

c.   John Ashbery

d.  Sophocles

5- He was a __________

a.  poet

b.  playwright

c.   both a and b

d.  none of these

6- Wilde's language was _______

a.  English

b.  French

c.   Greek

d.  all of above

7- He educated from

a.  Portora Royal School

b.  The kinderland School

c.   The Oxfords School

d.  none of these

8- He had a Nationality of _______

a.  American

b.  Canadian

c.   Irish

d.  England

9- ________ is his notable work

a.  The Picture of Dorian Gray

b.  The Importance of Being Earnest

c.   Paradise Lost

d.  both a and b

10- He married with Constance Lloyd in _______

a.  1880

b.  1882

c.   1883

d.  1884

11- Constance Lloyd  died on __________

a.  1894

b.  1896

c.   1898

d.  1899

12- His children name is _________

a.  Cyril Holland

b.  Vyvyan Holland

c.   Henry Holland

d.  both a and b

13- His mother's name is ________

a.  Lady Jane Wilde

b.  Isola Wilde

c.   William Wilde

d.  Eva Wilde

14- Oscar's brother name is _______

a.  Isola Wilde

b.   Willie Wilde

c.   Merlin Holland

d.  William Wilde

15- Oscar's sister name is _________

a.  Isola Wilde

b.  Willie Wilde

c.   William Wilde

d.  Jane Wilde

16- Oscar's grandson name is ___________

a.  Willie Wilde

b.  Willie Holland

c.   Merlin Holland

d.  Jane Wilde

17- Oscar Wilde died on _______

a.  30 Nov 1900

b.  30 Nov 1901

c.   30 Nov 1902

d.  30 Nov 1903

18- Oscar Wilde died at the age of ________

a.  40

b.  42

c.   42

d.  46

19- He is buried in __________

a.  Pere Lachaise Cemetery

b.  Dublin

c.   Saint-German-des-Pres

20- __________ was a doctor of distinguished reputation

a.  Henry

b.  Elsa Wilde

c.   William Wilde

d.  Emily Wilde

21- "The Happy Prince" has a ________ mode of expression

a.  fairy tale

b.  fiction

c.   non fiction

d.  Science fiction

22- This fairy tale is not separated from the surroundings realities of the ____________

a.  future

b.  18th era

c.   Victorian age

d.  past

23- It rather discusses all the problem of Victorian age such as __________

a.  poverty

b.  hypocrisy

c.   exploitation

d.  all of above

24- Modern critics have expressed their opinion on the dark ________ motives of these stories

a.  physiological

b.  psychological

c.   historical

d.  mathematical

25- The story is about the statue of  _______

a.  lady

b.  Eiffel tower

c.   prince

d.  princess

26- It was all covered with the foil of _________

a.  diamond

b.  gold

c.   silver

d.  iron

27- Its eyes were made of ­­­­___________

a.  glowing sapphires

b.  mud

c.   iron

d.  stone

28- Its sword was bearing a _________

a.  stones

b.  precious ruby

c.   mud

d.  dust

29- The story is about a ________

a.  King

b.  prince

c.   princess

d.  teacher

30- The story describes the ____________ between the people and rulers

a.  natural distance

b.  unnatural distance

c.   hate

d.  love

31- The difficulties of a people remain hidden from the view of the __________

a.  prince

b.  king

c.   governor

d.  both a and b

32- _________ was unable to do any thing

a.  King

b.  Princess

c.   Governor

d.  Prince

34- One day a ________ comes to him

a.  little sparrow

b.  cow

c.   owl

d.  goat

35- The prince requested __________ to distribute gold and ruby in poor people

a.  cow

b.  officer

c.   labor

d.  little sparrow

36- Gradually the _______ becomes ugly outwardly

a.  princess

b.  little sparrow

c.   prince

d.  king

37- _________ of a statue would not melt

a.  foot

b.  eyes

c.   head

d.  leaden hat

38- The _________ pick both of them to the heaven

a.  angle

b.  aeroplane

c.   spirit

d.  none of these

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