16 Nov 2020

BA English Short Story Araby MCQs Notes



by James Joyce

Choose the correct option

1- "Araby" is the pen work of __________

a.   James Joyce

b.   Emily Dickinson

c.    Sisily

d.   John Milton

2- James Joyce was born on ___________

a.   2 March 1880

b.   2 Febraury 1882

c.    5 June 1883

d.   16 July 1881

3-  He was the __________

a.   Irish novelist  and teacher

b.   short story writer

c.    poet and literacy critic

d.   all of above

4- He contributed to the ______________ movement

a.   modernist avant-garde

b.   essayist avant-garde

c.    historical avant-garde

d.   none of these

5- He is regarded as one of the most influential and important writers of the _______

a.   17th century

b.   18th century

c.    19th century

d.   20th century

6- Joyce is best known for ________

a.   Pride and Prejudice

b.   Paradise Lost

c.    Ulysses

d.   all of above

7- He wrote Ulysses in ________

a.   1920

b.   1921

c.    1922

d.   1923

8- He was born in ____________

a.   Rathgar Dublin

b.   Istanbul

c.    Turkey

d.   Uganda

9- He had a nationality of ______

a.   Canada

b.   England

c.    Irish

d.   New York

10- He died at the age of __________

a.   57

b.   58

c.    59

d.   60

11- He was died in ________

a.   3 August 1940

b.   13 January 1941

c.    15 July 1942

d.   18 June 1943

12- He died in ________

a.   Zurich

b.   Ireland

c.    Island

d.   Turkey

13- _________ is his resting place

a.   Fluntern Cemertery, Zuich

b.   Ireland

c.    England

d.  Istanbul

14- _________ is his notable work

a.   Ulysses

b.   Dubliner

c.    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young man

d.   all of above

15- He married with Nora Barnacle in __________

a.   1930

b.   1931

c.    1932

d.   1933

16- His offsprings are _________

a.   Lucia

b.   Giogio

c.    Luvina

d.   both a and b

17- He was the eldest of _______ serving siblings

a.   5

b.   10

c.    12

d.   14

18- His story _______ describes a conflict between the objective world and the subjective feelings

a.   Araby

b.   The Beauty Industry

c.    The Tell-Tale heart

d.   The Necklace

19- In this story the writer makes a ___________ observation of the human problems

a.   psychological

b.   scientifical

c.    biological

d.   none of these

20- Young boy's love for her gives him ___________

a.   everything

b.   money

c.    house

d.   nothing

21- There was a young boy who lived in a __________

a.   lonely street

b.   colony

c.    banglow

d.   none of these

22- He used to play in a _______ with other boys

a.   ground

b.   park

c.    street

d.   club

23-_________ sister usually came out on her door to call her brother

a.   Lusiana's

b.   Mangan's

c.    Elsa's

d.   Eva's

24- He used to wait for her to go ________

a.   office

b.   for playing

c.    school

d.   home

25- He did not have courage to express his _______ to her

a.   hate

b.   knowledge

c.    love

d.   none of these

26- Sometimes he would stand at the _____ of his house

a.   stairs

b.   balcony

c.    railing

d.   none of these

27- Sometimes he would repeat her __________ again and again

a.   beauty

b.   looks

c.    name

d.   relation

28- She ask him if he was going to _________

a.   England

b.   Araby

c.    London

d.   Ireland

29- His aunt permits him to go there on _________

a.   monday

b.   sunday

c.    thursday

d.   saturday

30- On Saturday he waited anxiously for the ___________

a.   girl

b.   Mangan's sister

c.    evening

d.   morning

31- His ________  came very late because he had forgotten

a.   fellow

b.   friend

c.    uncle

d.   teacher

32- He like a _______ for a girl

a.   bracelet

b.   necklace

c.    vase

d.   doll

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