4 Oct 2020

BA English Short Story The Rappaccini s' Daughter MCQs Notes


Rappaccini's Daughter

by Nathanial Hawthorne

Choose the correct option

1- "Rappaccini's Daughter" is written by ________

a.   Nathanial Hawthorne

b.   Emily Dickinson

c.    Bernard Malamud

d.   none of above

2- Nathaniel Hawthorne was born on ___________

a.   1 Jan 1800

b.   2 March 1802

c.    3 April 1803

d.   4 July 1804

3- Nathaniel Hawthorne was __________

a.   American novelist

b.   dark romantic

c.    short story writer

d.   all of above

4- His works often focus on __________

a.   history

b.   morality

c.    religion

d.   all of above

5- He was born in ___________

a.   Salem, Massachusetts

b.   Turkey

c.    England

d.   South Africa

6- He entered Boston College in ______

a.   1820

b.   1821

c.    1822

d.   1823

7- He Graduated in ______

a.   1824

b.   1825

c.    1830

d.   1834

8- He published his first work in ________

a.   1835

b.   1828

c.    1830

d.   1838

9- His first Novel was ________

a.   Fanshawe

b.   Pride and Prejudice

c.    The Last Day

d.   none of these

10- He married with Sophia Peabody in _________

a.   1839

b.   1840

c.    1841

d.   1842

11- ________ are his notable works

a.   Twice-Told Tales

b.   The Scarlet Letter

c.    The House Of The Seven Gables

d.   all of above

12- The Scarlet Letter published in ________

a.   1840

b.   1845

c.    1850

d.   1855

13- He was at the age of _______

a.   57

b.   58

c.    59

d.   60

14- He died in ________

a.   12 May 1866

b.   19 May 1864

c.    20 May 1863

d.   25 May 1867

15- The "Rappaccini's Daughter" is a ___________

a.   fantasy

b.   fiction

c.    novel

d.   drama

16- In this short story a Scientist only cares for __________

a.   his daughter

b.   his country

c.    his son

d.   science

17- He is ready to sacrifice everything for __________

a.   his daughter

b.   his wife

c.    his family

d.   science

18- His selfish attitude put all his ___________ to a wrong direction

a.   family

b.   friends

c.    students

d.   scientific research

19- __________ is a famous scientist

a.   Rappaccini

b.   Giovanni

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

20- Certain poison infiltrated in his __________

a.   assistant

b.   doctor

c.    wife

d.   daughter

21- _________ falls in love with Rappaccini's daughter

a.   Giovanni

b.   Baglioni

c.    Assisstant

d.   none of above

22- There was ________ in the middle of the garden

a.   tree

b.   willow tree

c.    pool

d.   flowers

23- It was said that he made _______ with those plants

a.   perfume

b.   medicine

c.    flowers

d.   none of above

24- There was bush with _________ flower

a.   rose

b.   purple

c.    yellow

d.   Lilly

25- Flowers set in a __________ in the middle of the pool

a.   stone jar

b.   mirror jar

c.    china vase

d.   bucket

26- The man taking care of plants was dressed in _________

a.   black

b.   green

c.    yellow

d.   uniform

27- He examines each plant with great care but ____________

a.   did not touch any of them

b.   they died

c.    did not get any flower

d.   none of above

28- It looked as if he was among ____________

a.   best creature

b.   poisonous creature

c.    worst creature

d.   officers

29- He even avoided the ___________

a.   touching of plants

b.   direct breathing of their smells

c.    growing of plants

d.   growing of flowers

30- Rappaccin's daughter name was

a.   Beatrice

b.   Baglioni

c.    Giovanni

31- Rappaccini asked __________ to take care of plants

a.   Beatrice

b.   Baglioni

c.    Giovanni

d.   none of these

32- ________ told Giovanni that Rappaccini is dangerous scientist

a.   Beatrice

b.   Baglioni

c.    Henry

d.   none of these

33- _________ grew poisonous plants in his garden

a.   Baglioni

b.   Beatrice

c.    Rappaccini

d.   Giovanni

34- He knew that ___________ possessed terrible qualities

a.   Rappaccini

b.   Galileo

c.    Beatrice

d.   Baglioni

35- The regular meetings with Beatrice made __________ poisonous

a.   Galileo

b.   Rappaccini

c.    Baglioni

d.   Giovanni

36- __________ tried to save Giovanni from Beatrice but failed

a.   Rappaccini

b.   Baglioni

c.    Galileo

d.   none of these

37- Giovanni's breath killed the __________

a.   Beatrice

b.   plant

c.    insects

d.   all of above

38- _________ had made Giovanni a hateful creature

a.   Beatrice

b.   Giovanni

c.    Baglioni

d.   Rappaccini

39- Giovanni cursed the deadly science of __________

a.   Beatrice

b.   Rappaccini

c.    Galileo

d.   Thomas Edison

40- _______ took the medicine and died in no time

a.   Giovanni

b.   Rappaccini

c.    Baglioni

d.   Beatrice

41- ________ gave antidote to Giovanni

a.   Rappaccini

b.   Beatrice

c.    Baglioni

d.   Galileo




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