6 Oct 2020

BA English Short Story The New Constitution MCQs Notes


The New Constitution

by  Sadat Hassan Manto

Choose the correct option

Answers have been bolded

1- "The New Constitution" is the pen work of

a.   Sadat Hassan Manto

b.   Bernard Malamud

c.    Nathanial Hawthorne

d.   Humaira Ahmed

2- Sadat Hassan Manto was born on ________

a.   10 March 1910

b.   11 May 1912

c.    13 June 1911

d.   12 April 1913

3- He was a ____________

a.   Indian writer

b.   Pakistani writer

c.    playwright

d.   all of above

4- He was born in __________

a.   Ludhiana India

b.   Karachi Pakistan

c.    Saudi Arabia

d.   Istanbul

5- Manto was known to write about the ____________

a.   family

b.   hard truths of love

c.     hard truths of society

d.   nature

6- _________ is Manto's notable award

a.   Nishan-e-Imtiaz

b.   Nishan-e-haider

c.    Noble Prize

d.   all of above

7- "Toba Tek Singh" is the notable work of __________

a.   Sadat Hassan Manto

b.   Emily Dickinson

c.    Nathanial Hawthorne

d.   none of above

8- Sadat Hassan Manto died on _______

a.   18 January 1955

b.   16 July 1954

c.    1 March 1956

d.   3 July 1957

9- Foreign rule is always  _________

a.   hated

b.   condemned

c.    loved

d.   both a and b

10- Foreigner rulers should, therefore, never expect ________ from the ruled

a.   love

b.   mercy

c.    hate

d.   none of these

11- The English rulers in India were quite __________

a.   callous

b.   kind

c.    cruel

d.   both a and c

12- Government India act of _________, would bring about great political and social changes for the Indians

a.   1940

b.   1950

c.    1935

d.   1945

13- This story was written in _________

a.   1935

b.   1938

c.    1945

d.   1948

14- It was fully realized that the new Act of _______ had brought nothing to change

a.   1935

b.   1940

c.    1950

d.   1955

15- The story proved that ____ joined anti-imperialist struggle

a.   Manto

b.   Iqbal

c.    Quaid-e-Azam

d.   Molana Shaukat Ali

16- British were hated in the ________

a.   England

b.   United India

c.    Pakistan

d.   Canada

17- The British were hated because of their _________

a.   unjust racialism

b.   bigotry

c.    highhandedness

d.   all of above

18- ________ whose reputation as a knowledgeable man was well established

a.   Manto

b.   Ustad Mangu

c.    Ustad Manto

d.   Ustad Saadat

19- _________ waited anxiously for the promulgation of the Act to celebrate

a.   tongawalas

b.   autowalas

c.    Manto

d.   none of these

20- Ustad Mangu was_________

a.   illiterate person

b.   literate person

c.    doctor

d.   lawyer

21- Ustad Mangu was considered to be the ________ person among his fellows

a.   cheapest

b.   wisest

c.    poor

d.   rich

22- The __________ of the cantonment area were responsible for his poor opinion of the British

a.   gora soldiers

b.   lawyers

c.    doctors

d.   judges

23- Once he had a bitter quarrel with a __________

a.   doctor

b.   lawyer

c.    friend

d.   gora soldier

24- One day, he picked up two fares from the ___________

a.   police station

b.   park

c.    colony

d.   district courts

25- There was going to be a new Act for India would be enforced from _________

a.   1st  of March

b.   1st  of April

c.    10th  of March

d.   13rd  of Jan

26- He prepared his Tonga and went out on the roads of __________

a.   karachi

b.   Lahore

c.    Agra

d.   Bombay

27- _________ was a person who could not afford to wait

a.   Manto

b.   Ustad Mangu

c.    gora soldier

d.   lawyer

28- When he was going to have his first ________ , he was unable to sit quietly

a.   tonga

b.   car

c.    house

d.   child

29- He looked at the ______ with great hatred

a.   lawyer

b.   doctor

c.    gora soldier

d.   Manto

30- The gora soldier was standing beside the ________

a.   park

b.   office

c.    court

d.   lamp post

31- ________ beat the gora soldier badly

a.   Mantu

b.   Ustad Mangu

c.    Robbers

d.   Theifs

32- ______ policemen arrived there

a.   two

b.   three

c.    four

d.   five

33- All the time mangu was crying ____________

a.   mother,mother

b.   dont beat me, dont beat me

c.    New Constitution, New Constitution

d.   none of these

34- Mangu had a fare to dropped in the _________

a.   cantonment

b.   park

c.    house

d.   colony


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