24 Oct 2020

BA English Short Story The Breakfast MCQs Notes



by John Steinbeck

Choose the correct option

1- "Breakfast" is the penwork of

a.   Emily Dickinson

b.   John Milton

c.    John Steinbeck

d.   John Ashbery


2- John Steinbeck was born on

a.   27 February 1902

b.   20 March 1900

c.    2 June 1905

d.   5 July 1905


3- He was the ________

a.   Canadian author

b.   American author

c.    Asian author

d.   Italian author


4- He won the Nobel Prize in ______

a.   1960

b.   1961

c.    1962

d.   1963


5- He won Nobel Prize in _________

a.   Peace

b.   Physics

c.    Science

d.   Literature


6- He has been called “a giant of __________”

a.   British essays

b.   American stories

c.    British stories

d.   American letters


7- Many of his works are considered classics of ____________

a.   Western literature

b.   Southern literature

c.    Eastern literature

d.   Asian culture


8- He authored _____ books during his writing career

a.   22

b.   33

c.    44

d.   55


9- He was born in __________

a.   New York

b.   California

c.    Istanbul

d.   none of above


10- He was a ________

a.   novelist

b.   short story writer

c.    war correspondent

d.   all of above


11- __________ are his notable works

a.   Of Mice and Men

b.   The Grapes of Wrath

c.    Pride and Prejudice

d.   both a and b


12- He wrote "East of Eden" in _______

a.   1950

b.   1951

c.    1952

d.   1953


13- He won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in _________

a.   1935

b.   1940

c.    1945

d.   1950


14- He married with Carol Henning in ________

a.   1930

b.   1931

c.    1932

d.   1933


15- He divorced Carol Henning in ______

a.   1940

b.   1941

c.    1942

d.   1943


16- He married Gwyn Conger in _______

a.   1943

b.   1942

c.    1944

d.   1945


17- He divorced Gwyn Conger in _____

a.   1945

b.   1946

c.    1947

d.   1948


18- He married Elaine Scott in _______

a.   1950

b.   1951

c.    1952

d.   1953


19- ___________ is his offspring

a.   Thomas

b.   John

c.    Elaine

d.    both a and b


20- "Breakfast" short story is the story of __________

a.   rich family

b.   solo

c.    poor family

d.   office breakfast


21- They had _____ days of work

a.   10

b.   12

c.    14

d.   16


22- Even with that little money they have got ___________

a.   new cycle

b.   new farms

c.    new clothes

d.   new shoes


 23- The _______ told the writer that they have been eating good for the 12 days

a.   old man

b.   lady

c.    child

d.   young man


24- The beauty and simplicity of the poor God fearing people living upon ­­­­_____________

a.   gardening

b.   car washing

c.    cotton picking

d.   toy selling


25- _________ has made this story interesting

a.   seasonal labor

b.   doctor

c.    lawyer

d.   gardener


26- The writer once happened to go to a _________

a.   canal

b.   river

c.    valley

d.   city


27- It was a cold morning and he walked along a __________

a.   river

b.   canal

c.    park

d.   country road


28- He saw a ________

a.   house

b.   park

c.    tent

d.   garden


29- He saw a women sitting beside a __________

a.   stove

b.   table

c.    bed

d.   flowers


30- She was busy in making _________

a.   breakfast

b.   dinner

c.    lunch

d.   drawing


32- The writer could feel the smell of __________

a.   frying chicken

b.   frying fries

c.    frying salty drops

d.   frying bacon


33- Soon _____ men came out of the tent

a.   2

b.   3

c.    4

d.   5


34- They sat around the ________

a.   table

b.   dinning table

c.    packing case

d.   bed


35- The ______ invited the writer to have breakfast

a.   old man

b.   young man

c.    lady

d.   child


36- Soon they stood up and ready to go to their _________

a.   farms

b.   house

c.    work

d.   office


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