17 Sept 2020

BA English Short Story The Killers MCQs


The Killers

by Ernest Hemingway

Choose the correct option

Answers have been bolded

1- "The Killers" is the pen work of ____________

a.      Emily Dickinson

b.      Nathanial Hawthorne

c.       Ernest Hemingway

d.      Sophocles

2- Ernest Hemingway was born on _________

a.      20 March 1888

b.      21 July 1899

c.       14 June 1899

d.      24 July 1988

3- Ernest Hemingway was an _________

a.      novelist

b.      American journalist

c.       short-story writer and sportsman

d.      all of above

4- He won the Nobel Prize in _________

a.      peace

b.      physics

c.       literature

d.      drama writer

5- He won Nobel Prize in Literature in _________

a.      1952

b.      1953

c.       1954

d.      1955

6- He published ____ novels

a.      5

b.      7

c.       9

d.      11

7- Many of his work are considered classics of ____________

a.      history

b.      American literature

c.       British  literature

d.      fiction

 8- Hemingway was raised in __________

a.      Columbia

b.      Canada

c.       South Africa

d.      Oak park,Illinois

9- He enlisted as an ambulance driver in _________

a.      World War 2

b.      World War 3

c.       World War 1

d.      none of these

10- He won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in __________

a.      1952

b.      1950

c.       1953

d.      1956

11- He married with Hadley Richardson in ________

a.      1920

b.      1921

c.       1922

d.      1923

12- He died in __________

a.      Ketchum , Idaho US

b.      Oak Park

c.       Idaho USA

d.      none of above

13- In "The killers" Hemingway creates a powerful impact of ________

a.      success

b.      life

c.       victory

d.      death

14- In "The Killers" Hemingway introduces ________ professional killers

a.      two

b.      three

c.       four

d.      five

15- The two killers of this story are

a.      Henry and Jack

b.      Jack and Al

c.       Max and Al

d.      Max and Henry

16- In this story killers try to kill _________

a.      woman

b.      child

c.       cricketer

d.      boxing champion

17- Al and Max visit a restaurant to kill ________

a.      Henry

b.      Jack

c.       Ole Anderson

d.      none of these

18-  The killers just want to kill him to __________

a.      oblige their friend

  1. get some money
  2. get rid of him
  3. get his property

19- Ole Anderson has given up the struggle to escape from the _________

a.      teacher

b.      police

c.       killers

d.      officers

20- The killers leave the ___________ by not finding Anderson there

a.      office

b.      restaurant

c.       home

d.      park

21- __________ is not a coward person

a.      Henry

b.      Max

c.       Jack

d.      Anderson

22- Killers leave the restaurant but also behind them a looming shadow of _______

a.      fun

b.      injury

c.       death

d.      life

23- Anderson is fed up of running from ________

a.      police

b.      robbers

c.       death

d.      friend

24- Al and Max ordered ________

a.      ham

b.      egg

c.       bacon

d.      all of above

25-  ________ was the waiter in the restaurant

a.      Anderson

b.      Max

c.       Al

d.      George

26- Al took ______ into the kitchen

a.      Nick Adams

b.      Henry

c.       Anderson

d.      None of above

27- Al and Max dressed like ______

a.      criminals

b.      teachers

c.       doctors

d.      twins

28- Max told __________ that they wanted to kill Ole Anderson

a.      Al

b.      George

c.       Henry

d.      Nick Adams

29- They were very anxious about ____________

a.      Max

b.      George

c.       Al

d.      Ole Anderson

30- George sent ________ to Anderson's place to inform about the danger

a.      Al

b.      Max

c.       Henry

d.      Nick

31- ________ did not show any sign of anxiety

a.      Al

b.      Nick

c.       Anderson

d.      Max

32- Anderson kept on looking at the _________

a.      ground

b.      Nick

c.       wall

d.      face

33- _______ offered him his help to save the life of Anderson

a.      Al

b.      Max

c.       George

d.      Nick

34- Anderson was ready to accept the _________

a.      reward

b.      punishment

c.       death

d.      truth

35- __________ was greatly anxious about Anderson's life

   a.      Nick Adams

   b.      George

   c.       Sam

   d.      The Cook


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