1 Sept 2020

BA B.Sc English Essay on Corona virus / Lock down and its Impacts


BA English Essays

Corona Virus/Lock Down and its Impacts


1.      What is COVID-19

2.      What are the symptoms

3.      How many people got affected in the world

4.      COVID-19 and Pakistan

5.      Lockdown as a preventive policy

6.      Pros and cons of lockdown

7.      Conclusion

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a respiratory disease which originated from Chinese city Wuhan in December 2019.China alerted WHO about unusual pneumonia cases in Wuhan city. Researches were made and it was named as COVID-19.It was declared as pandemic.

High fever, cold, coughing, irritation in throat and lungs are the symptoms of this disease. The incubation period of this virus is 14 days. It is contagious even before the symptoms appear. This is why it spread over the world in a short time. This virus transmits person to person.

This virus has infected humans round the globe. Till August 29, 2020 the death toll surpassed 838,000 amid more than 24.8 million cases. More than 16 million people have recovered from this virus.

In Pakistan 1st Coronavirus case was reported in last week of February. In the mid of April Lockdown was implemented in Pakistan. More than 2.5 Lac people have been affected amid 6000 deaths in Pakistan. Approximately, 2 Lac and 81 thousand people have recovered in Pakistan.

Lockdown is a preventive measure which has been adopted over the world to stop the spread of COVID-19.By implementing lockdown, Chinese very successfully coped with the cases of COVID-19.Then this policy was adopted round the world. To somehow this policy remained successful.

In Pakistan a lockdown was implemented after some period, Government lifted it partially. After that smart lockdown policy was adopted and this remained successful. The cases graph went down day by day.

The Lockdown system badly destroyed not only the economy of Pakistan but that of the world. Millions of people were affected in this lock down. Businesses collapsed and people became jobless. Many industries closed even in America it became very difficult to handle the situation.

Many positive things occurred during lockdown. Atmosphere got clear and free of pollution. The air quality index got better. Ozone layer got back to its original place. Sea water got purified. The sky became more blue and clear. People gave more time to their families. Tussles between countries stopped and world became more peaceful.

To conclude, we can say that world has totally changed after the outbreak of COVID-19. Social values and living standards have been changed. Efforts are being made round the world to control this pandemic. Until or unless a vaccine is discovered, people will have to be careful.  Everybody is hopeful, that soon the world would get control over this virus.