21 Sept 2020

BA B.Sc English Essay on Flood / Urban Flood in Pakistan


Floods in Pakistan / Urban Flood


1.       What is flood

2.       What is urban flood

3.       Reasons behind the flood

4.       How to put barriers on the way of flood

5.       conclusion

When a lot of water accumulates and starts flowing to a particular direction, it is called flood. In Pakistan, the floods are frequent. Almost, every year, in Moon Soon, a dangerous type of flood comes and plays havoc. Many precious lives are lost, ripen crops are destroyed and animals are washed away in these floods.

In a rainy season, when a lot of water accumulates in urban areas and finds no way out due choked sewerage, it takes the form of a powerful flood that is called urban flood. Recently in Pakistan, this type of flood has been experienced in the Moon Soon of 2020.The largest cities of Sindh like Karachi and Hyderabad faced a severe type of urban flood.

There are many causes behind floods. In the rainy season, the rains are more than the normal routine. When a lot of water accumulates it takes the form of flood. Global warming is becoming major cause of flood over the world. This global warming is also occurring in Pakistan. Summer is expanding, glaciers are melting rapidly. This glacier water causes flood.

Tsunami is also a cause of sea flood. Many years ago many countries of the world faced flood caused by Tsunami. In Pakistan the forest area is being cut aside. Trees are a natural barrier before the flood. They reduce the density of flowing water. Lack of dames in any country is also a major source of flood. Dams store flood water for future use in a best way.

Urban flood occurs due to the negligence of the people and failure of administrative machinery. People throw garbage into the water channels and sewerage pipelines. These pipelines get choked and water flow stops. When rain comes, a lot of water accumulates in the city. Due to no proper way out, it starts flowing forcefully making its own way. It plays a lot of havoc, as we have experiences in Karachi.

Flood is a natural phenomenon; to stop it totally is impossible. But certain steps can be taken to reduce the density of flood and to minimize the losses. First of all, we should plant more and more trees and avoid cutting the forests. Government should try to build more dams to store flood water. Later, this water can be used for irrigation purposes.

Rivers beds should be cleaned and deepen every year. In this way rivers would store more water and will not vomit out water from its banks. The protecting walls round the rivers should be strengthened off and on. In this way river water would not pop out from its banks and would not be able to enter into the residential colonies.

In cities, the sewerage system should be maintained properly. Garbage should never be thrown into the sewerage pipelines. City administration should be vigilant, especially in moon soon season. It has been observed that people have constructed houses alongside the water channels. This practice should be stopped.

To sum up the discussion, we can say that floods are natural but with effective planning and proper work, one can reduce the density of floods. The flood water that goes to the sea and waste away can be stored and used effectively. But to do all this proper will is required, people should also cooperate with the government. Noting is impossible in this world.

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