19 Sept 2020

9th & 10th Classes Smart Syllabus

 Class 9th and 10th Smart Syllabus:

What is Smart Syllabus?

In Pakistan Especially in Punjab, the academic session starts from March to February. These are counted as eleven months in which the students have to cover the whole syllabus prescribed by Punjab Text Books Board. But this Year, due to COVID-19, the schools were closed in the mid of March and a lock down was implemented throughout the country. Later Government allowed schools to be opened on 15 of September 2020.So from 15th of September to February 2021, the students have left only five months to prepare the whole syllabus, which is an uphill task. Therefore, the Government decided to shorten the syllabus. It reduced 50 percent out of the whole syllabus. This short syllabus is named as Smart Syllabus. Only important chapters have beeen included in this syllabus.


What is mentioned in Government Issued Notification about 9th & 10th Class Syllabus?

In the Short Curriculum Notification NO.SO (ER-2) 1-9 / 2020 issued by Punjab Government, it is mentioned that from September to February, the time is short, so the students cannot prepare the whole syllabus in a short time frame; therefore they decided to shorten the syllabus of class 9th and 10th classes.


What short Curriculum and how many subjects are mentioned in the notification?

In this notification, the Government mentioned eleven subjects to Class 9th and 10th. Not only this, but they also mentioned the page numbers of each chapter in the notification. The Annual Exams will be conducted on the base of these chapters and pages mentioned in the notification.   


What are the eleven subjects of 9th & 10th class?

These eleven subjects include Urdu, English, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Physics, Mathematics (Science and Arts), Chemistry, Biology, Computer Sciences, and General Sciences. The details of these subjects have been mentioned in the Smart Syllabus.


 When will the annual exams be held?

 The exams will be held as per routine next year. Usually 9th & 10th exams are held in February-March.           


What is about Pak.Studies Book?

Some irrelevant contents have been pointed out in Pak.Studies book,so the Government has decided not to issue the English Version of 9th class Pak.Studies Book.


Download the Smart Syllabus of 9th and 10th Class

Click to download SMART SYLLABUS


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