28 Aug 2020

General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC Exams for the Posts of Lecturers


Punjab Public Service Commission

Lecturers Jobs

General Knowledge MCQs Notes

 1. FATF stands for

a) Federally Administered Tribal Federation

b) Financial Action Task Force

c) Finance and Task Force

d) Fiscal Annual Tariff Funds

      Answer: Financial Action Task Force


2.  How many countries are under FATF control?

a) 200

b) 300

c) 450

d) 500

      Answer: 200


3. Recently a UFO has been seen in Russia, what is UFO?

a) Ultra Flying Object

b) Upper layer Flying Object

c) Unidentified Flying Object

d) Universal Flying Object

      Answer: Unidentified Flying Object


4. This UFO was seen by a cosmonaut, what do you understand by a cosmonauts?

a) An American Astronaut

b) An African Astronaut

c) A Japanese Astronaut

d) A Russian Astronauts

      Answer: A Russian Astronaut


5. In which Year 1st  UFO was seen in America?

a) 1953

b) 1955

c) 1960

d) 1961

      Answer: 1953


6. SOPs stands for?

a) Standard Operating Procedures

b) Safety of Persons

c) Standard Operating Processes

d) Save Our Public

      Answer: Standard Operating Procedures


7. The Government of National Accord was formed in 1915, in which county?

a) Syria

b) Libya

c) Jordan

d) Palestine

      Answer: Libya


8. The capital city of Libya is:

a) Tripoli

b) Benghazi

c) Misrata

d) Derna

      Answer: Tripoli


9. Who are Belarusians?

a) Natives of Belarus

b) African Natives

c) Very Poor People

d) None of these

      Answer: Natives of Belarus


10. Located in Attock District,Kala Chitta National Park was established in:







11. How much is the area of Kala Chitta National Park?

a) 90,343 acres

b) 91,343 acres

c) 92,343 acres

d) 93,343 acres

      Answer: 91,343 acres


12. Which is the oldest National Park in Gilgit-Baltistan, established in 1975?

a) Khunjrab National Park

b) Kala Chitta National Park

c)Kirthar National Park

d) Margalla Hills National Park

      Answer: Khunjrab National Park

13. Which country is called as Ring of Fire?

a) Japan

b) Malaysia

c) Indonesia

d) Bhutan

      Answer: Japan


14. PEMRA stnds for Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority while  NEPRA stands for?

a) The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

b) National East Pakistan Regulatory Authority

c) National East Power Ruling Association

d) None of these

      Answer: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority


15. The First Printed book of the world was published in:

a) 11 June 868

b) 11 May 868

c) 11 April 868

d) 11 September 868

      Answer: 11 May 868

16. ECP stands for:

a) Electronics Corporation of Pakistan

b) Electric company protocol

c) Election Commission of Pakistan

d) None of these

      Answer: Election Commission of Pakistan


17. ANF stands for:

a) Anti-Narcotics Force

b) Annual National Federation

c) All Network File

d) None of these

      Answer: Anti-Narcotics Force

 (to be continued)

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