16 Aug 2020

BA English Modern Essay On Saying Please MCQs Notes for Online Annual 2020 Exams

BA English Modern Essay On Saying Please MCQs Notes

On Saying Please

by Alfred George Gardiner

1- "On Saying Please" is the pen work of ______

a.     Emily Dickinson

b.     Alfred George Gardiner

c.      Hebert gold

d.     none of above

2- Alfred George Gardiner was a/an _______

a.     English journalist

b.     biographer

c.      essayist

d.     all of above

3- He is a world famous personality in _________         

a.     language

b.     literature

c.      science

d.     psychology

4- ___________ is the pen name of Alfred George Gardiner

a.     Alfred

b.     George

c.      Sir Gardiner

d.     Alpha of the Plough

5- Alfred George Gardiner was born on _______

a.     1 June 1865

b.     2 June 1865

c.      2 June 1856

d.     1 July 1856

6- He was ________ of the National Anti-Sweating League

a.     worker

b.     supporter

c.      chairman

d.     seat member

7- National Anti-Sweating League was an _________

a.     anti-sweating group

b.     advocacy group

c.      anti-crime group

d.     literature group

8- He was born in _______

a.     Chelmsford

b.     New York

c.      California

d.     London

9- He died on _________

a.     2 June 1946

b.     2 march 1946

c.      2 July 1964

d.     5 June 1945

10- From 1915 he contributed to ______

a.     The incredible

b.     The superheroes

c.      The star

d.     anonymous

11- ______ are valuable in life

a.     friends

b.     foes

c.      good manners

d.     family members

12- _________ are not a legal offence

a.     gun shooting

b.     hand game

c.      wrestling

d.     bad manners

13- Small words of _______ make the wheel of life greasy

a.     courtesy

b.     anger

c.      buttering

d.     oiliness

14- ________ make the life repulsive and difficult to live on

a.     extra ordinance

b.     bad manners

c.      relations

d.     quarrels

15- Law does not permit us to ______ if we are the victim of the bad manners

a.     case back

b.     hit back

c.      take revenge

d.     none of above

16- ______ create a chain of reactions

a.     bad manners

b.     good manners

c.      both a and b

d.     cruelness

17- Lift man threw the man out of the lift because he didn't say _______

a.     top

b.     top sir

c.      top please

d.     please

18- The man's life would become difficult to live because of _______

a.     saying please

b.     mad manners

c.      courtesy

d.     discourtesy

19- If one is assaulted ______ one can retaliate accordingly

a.     emotionally

b.     mentally

c.      physically

d.     heartly

20- ________ are not put in the category of legal offence

a.     murders

b.     physical violation

c.      bad manners

d.     good manners

21- Once the writer had a chance to travel in a _______

a.     car

b.     aeroplane

c.      ship

d.     bus

22- He was with _______ money in his pocket

a.     enough

b.     a lot of

c.      zero

d.     1 pound

23- _______ was the person the people waited for his bus

a.     discourtesy

b.     cheap ticket

c.      courtesy

d.     manners

24- The author sitting on the top of the bus was _________

a.     looking sky

b.     reading book

c.      reading newspaper

25- In this essay writer explains the importance of _______

a.     courtesy

b.     success

c.      talking good

d.     saying please

26- The sensitive part of writer's toe was trampled by _______

a.     policemen

b.     conductor

c.      wood

d.     foe

27- The author was hurt badly but _______ healed his pain

a.     bandage

b.     steam

c.      good behavior

d.     pain killer

28- If any burglar beaks into house, one is allowed to ________      

a.     host him

b.     kill him

c.      welcome him

d.     hit him

29- ______ is silent if anyone injures the feelings of any one

a.     police

b.     judge

c.      law

d.     family

30- The liftman retaliates bad manners with _______

a.     good manners

b.     courtesy

c.      bad manners

d.     politeness

31- The bus conductor has made his life easy by showing _______

a.     wealth

b.     strength

c.      good manners

d.     empty hands



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