10 Jul 2020

BA English Modern Essay The Gossip and Science and Values MCQs

The Gossip

by Francine Prose

Choose the correct answer

1- "The Gossip" is the penwork of ________ by

a.   Virginia Woolf

b.   Robert Hawks

c.    Francine Prose

d.   Albarat

2- Francine Prose was born on _________

a.   1 jan 1947

b.   1 feb 1947

c.    1 march 1947

d.   1 april 1947

3- She is an __________

a.   american novelist

b.   short story writer

c.    critic

d.   all of above

4- She is a visiting professor of __________

a.   Oxford university

b.   Cambridge university

c.    Band College

d.   all of above

5- She was formerly president of __________

a.   PEN American Center

b.   England

c.    America

d.   Art Center

6- She was born in __________

a.   England

b.   Italy

c.    Africa

d.   New York

7- She graduated from ___________

a.   Cambridge

b.   Oxford

c.    Radcliffe College

d.   none of these

8- Prose graduated in ________

a.    1960

b.   1964

c.    1968

d.   1972

9- She received the PEN Translation Prize in ________

a.   1998

b.   1989

c.    1988

d.   1999

10- She received a Guggenheim Fellowship in ________

a.   1990

b.   1991

c.    1992

d.   1993

11- Prose's novel ___________ has been adapted into a musical

a.   The Last Day of Life

b.   The Old Man and the Sea

c.    The Glorious Ones

d.   The Dark Night

12- The Glorious Ones has been adapted into a musical by __________

a.   Lynn Ahrens

b.   Stephen Flaherty

c.    Stephen Hawking

d.   both a and b

13- Gossip makes an unusual point about a much __________

a.   fun

b.   glorious

c.    criticized activity

d.   pathetic

14- __________ is the tool of acquiring information

a.   gossip

b.   battle

c.    gaming

d.   fun

15- Almost everyone indulges in _________ at his leisure

a.   pubg

b.   gaming

c.    gossip

d.   none of these

16- In Prose's view it may be the first recreational use of the _________

a.   gaming

b.   fun

c.    styling

d.   spoken word

17- The __________ at night must have started gossip

a.   policemen

b.   doctor

c.    gate keeper

d.   caveman

18- The caveman may even have exaggerated the information about ________

a.   writing

b.   story books

c.    hunting

d.   fishing

19-  The gossip may have achieved its peak in the eras when people frequently talked about ­­_________

a.   human relation

b.   contact with gods

c.    spirits and fairies

d.   all of above

20- The word gossip has been derived from _________

a.   Anglo-Saxon

b.   Italian

c.    Turkish

d.   none of above

21- Anglo-Saxon term _________

a.   godnibbe

b.   godsibbe

c.    sonnibbe

d.   sonsibbe

22- The word "godsibbe" stands for

a.   god parents

b.   relatives

c.     both a and b

d.   none of these

23- Later time widened its meanings to include the _____________

a.   acquaintance

b.   friends

c.    both a and b

d.    none of these

24- The climax of this term can be seen in some _________

a.   media

b.   literature

c.    press

d.   all of above

25- _______ is a social activity and it creates connection in the society

a.   gossip

b.   learning

c.    dinning

d.   reading

26- It is a matter of general observation and experience that we get more than half of the information about _______ through gossip

a.   our family

b.   our social circle

c.    ourselves

d.   all of above

27- Generally gossip has a __________

a.   good press

b.   bad press

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

28- This activity gives us an insight into the human ________

a.   psychology

b.   character

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

29- It gives us a critical attitude of ______ that can determine the right and wrong

a.   man

b.   woman

c.     mind

d.   all of above

30- It is the source of _____________

a.   learning

b.   earning

c.    moral education

d.   all of above

31- It tells us the _________ norms of society

a.   acceptable

b.   non-acceptable

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

32- We censor our own personality for removing the ___________ in us

a.   tears

b.   unwanted traits

c.    wanted traits

d.   all of above

33- Thus we ourselves make mature _________

a.   socially

b.   morally

c.    mentally

d.   all of above

34- In writer's suggestion _________ name must be cleared

a.   gossip

b.   gaming

c.    fighting

d.   all of above

35- Gossip should be given the name of __________

a.   tradition

b.   fun

c.    conversation

d.   oral tradition

36- Some critics believe that gossip is an important part of all well-knit __________

a.   languages

b.   literatures

c.    linguistics

d.   sciences

37- __________ means to tell someone about some happening objectively, without mixing one’s own critical point of view in it

a.   gossip

b.   exchanging information

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

38- According to writer "John got a new Job" is _________

a.   gossip

b.   information

c.    bad news

d.   all of above

39- " Hey did you hear John got fired?" its

a.   information

b.   gossip

c.    conversation

d.   all of above

40- Generally people take gossip as a ________

a.   information

b.   positive thing

c.    negative thing

d.   all of above

41- According to the writer _________ has alot of positive aspects

a.   gossip

b.   television

c.    media

d.   science

42- Francine Prose presents gossip in a __________

a.   talkative

b.   negative sense

c.    positive light

d.   all of above


Science and Values

by Bertrand Russell

Choose the correct answer

1- "Science and Values" is written by ________

a.   Emily Dickinson

b.   Sir Plume

c.     Bertrand Russell

d.   Robert Hawking

2- Bertrand Russell was born on _______

a.   20 march 1857

b.   18 may 1872

c.    3 june 1876

d.   5 june 1867

3- He was born in _______

a.   USA

b.   Ukraine

c.    UK

d.   Europe

4- He was died on _______

a.   1 march 1967

b.   2 feb 1970

c.    5 may 1990

d.   6 june 1987

5- He was ________

a.   Indonesian

b.   British

c.    American

d.   none of these

6- He was a ___________

a.   polymath

b.   philosopher

c.    logician

d.   all of above

7- Russell considered himself a __________

a.   liberal

b.   socialist

c.    pacifist

d.   all of above

8- He graduated in ___________

a.   1890

b.   1891

c.    1892

d.   1893

9- He was graduated from ___________

a.   Oxford

b.   Trinity College, Cambridge

c.    Barnade Colllege

d.   none of above

10- __________ was his spouse

a.   Alys Pearsall Smith

b.   Dora Black

c.    Patricia Spence

d.   all of above

11- _____________ was his first spouse

a.   Edith Finch

b.   Dora Black

c.    Patricia Spence

d.   Aly Pearsall Smith

12- __________ was his fourth spouse

a.   Edith Finch

b.   Dora Black

c.    Patricia Spence

d.   none of these

13- He got De Morgan Medal in _______

a.   1930

b.   1931

c.    1932

d.   1933

14- He got Nobel Prize in ___________

a.   peace

b.   sociology

c.    physics

d.   literature

15-  In _________ he got Nobel Prize in Literature

a.   1900

b.   1920

c.    1950

d.   1970

16- Throughout his life he has been working for introduction of scientific attitude ____________

a.   in life

b.   for women rights

c.    for denunciation of war

d.   all of above

17-  This essay is to make us realize the importance of __________

a.   life

b.   family

c.    science

d.   arts

18- __________ has totally changed the orientation and nature of our lives

a.   modernism

b.   materialism

c.    science

d.   fashion

19- ___________ has helped us to diminish certain bad things from the world.

a.   character

b.   behavior

c.    science

d.   education

20- The first thing that has been curtailed by science is _________

a.   literacy

b.   loneliness

c.    poverty

d.   none of these

21- The advent of _________ and is considered to be a great boon for the mankind.

a.   luxuries

b.   materials

c.    medicine

d.   machines

22- In 1920 the infant mortality rate in England was _______

a.   20 per thousand

b.   50 per thousand

c.    80 per thousand

d.   100 per thousand

23- In 1948 it was reduced to _____ per thousand

a.   20

b.   25

c.    30

d.   34

24- The police force, their scientific method of ___________

a.   detection

b.   finger prints

c.    telephones

d.   all of above

25- The psychology of crimes and punishment have helped greatly to reduce the general crime rate specially in _________

a.   Africa

b.   Australia

c.    America

d.   Europe

26- The science has reduced the ________ to its lowest level

a.   materialism

b.   luxuries

c.    fanaticism

d.   all of above

27- ___________ have made the world a global village

a.   swift communication

b.   transportation

c.    both a and b

d.   none of these

28- Bringing the nations, classes and religions closer together to enhance the _________

a.   religions

b.   communications

c.    tolerance

d.   anger

29- The most important advantage of science is the spread of ___________

a.   education

b.   pollution

c.    population

d.   houses

30- Now almost everyone is educated, at least in __________

a.   Pakistan

b.   India

c.     Western countries

d.   eastern countries

31- Now people can get every type of knowledge through ___________

a.   media

b.   books

c.    internet

d.   all of above

 45- The industrialization has increased the _________

a.   problems

b.   pollution

c.    job opportunity

d.   none of these

46- __________ is the only factor that has revolutionized our whole existence for the better

a.   doctor

b.   science

c.    socialism

d.   materialism

47- According to Russell negative use of ________ have effected us badly

a.   man

b.   habbits

c.    science

d.   money

48- _________ have not developed at the same pace

a.   luxuries

b.   materialism

c.    science and values

d.   science and problems

49- The value regard ________ as obstinate

a.   money

b.   family

c.    science

d.   all of above

50- The Science and _______  have always confronted

a.   arts

b.   religion

c.    maths

d.   public


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