22 Jun 2020

BA English Part.2 Modern Essay Whistling of Birds MCQs


Whistling of Birds

D.H. Lawrence


1.Full name of DH Lawrence is_______

a)      David Herbert Lawrence                            

b)    b) Danish Herbert Lawrence

c) David Hood Lawrence                                          

d)David Hume Lawrence




2. Lawrence was born in________

                    a) 1885               

                    b) 1866       

                    c) 1877                      

                    d) 1856


3.Lawrence died in_______

a) 1930               

b)   1933                   

c) 1944                       

d) 1945


4.The Novel Sons and Lovers was written by_______

a)Eden Philpotts                

b) Hemingway                      

c) Virginia Woolf                   

d)DH Lawrence


5. Lawrence is called______

a)poet of east                  

b) lover of nature                    

c) humanist                          

d) Poet of west


6. The Whistling of Birds describes_______

a) Change of temperament            

b) changing attitude                  

c) Change of bird’s attitude                     

d) change of season


7. It is a highly______ essay


b) heroic    




8. Winter is the symbol of________

a) Life               

b) death                   

c) pleasure                         

d) attitude


9. Spring is the symbol of_______

a) Life                

b) warmth                      

c) sadness                         

d) cruelty


10. When the whole area is covered with snow, birds______

a) Dance                

b) whistle                     

c) sing                           

d) die


11.   When the weather changes ,there starts a new______

a) Stream of life               

b) new wave of life                     

c) new atmosphere                          

d) serge


12. In the essay ,Lawrence very successfully describes:

  a) Compatibility of life with death

  b) Compatibility of life with life

  c) Incompatibility between life and death

  d) None of the above

13. When there is life,___ flies away

a) Death flies away   

b) snow flies away      

c) no bird whistles         

d) spring flies away


14. When there is death,______ flies away

a) Life flies away   

b) snow flies away      

c) no bird whistle         

d) spring flies away


15.  Life cannot stop the onrush of________

a) Arrival of spring                 

b) change                       

c) weather                          

d) death


16. Lawrence was an influential writer of_________

a) 16th century               

b) 19th century                      

c)21st century                          

d)20th century


17. During World War-1, Lawrence wrote_______

a) The Rainbow                

b) Women in Love                       

c) Both A and B                         




18. The Novel Kangaroo was written in ______ only in six weeks


b) 1920                     

c) 1921                          



19.  In his poetry Lawrence projects

a) objects of nature                

b) romance            

c) love                     

d)heroic episodes



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