26 Jun 2020

BA English Part.2 Modern Essay Nagasaki August 9,1945 MCQs


Nagasaki, August 9, 1945

                        Michaito Ichimaru

1.     Michaito Ichimaru was a professor in______

a) Math                          

b) Physics    

c) Medicine            



2.     As an_________ ,he described every minute detail

                    a) Eye witness               

         b) professor      

         c) teacher                      

         d) philanthropist


3.     His motto of writing this essay was to_________

 a) Horrify the people                                                                              

 b)   amuse the people                  

 c) Tell the future generations about deadly effects of atom          

d) criticize American War Policy


4.     The name of the bomb that they dropped on Nagasaki was____

a) Little man              

b) fat man                    

c) smart man                  

d) None of these


5.     This incidence took place on___________

a)9th  August 1946        

b) 9th  August 1945          

c) 9th  August 1947            

d) 9th  August 1944


6.     A plane__________ was used in bombing

a) B-35             

b) B-30                   

c) Cessna -180                     

d) B-29


7.     The writer could not reach the college as _______ 

a)     He was late    

b)    b) he was ill    

c)     c)his tram car derailed         

d)    d) he got up late


8.     When he heard the noise of the plane, he hid in a_________

a) bus                           

b) in the train                   

c)in toilet                        

d) in his room



9.     After the blast, he could not reach college as_______

a) There was fire every where              

b) there was a crowd of people                     

c) The police stopped him                         

d) he was much depressed


10.  The radiation was more than________

a) 5000 rads               

b) 8000 rads          

c) 6000 rads                           

d) 7000 rads


11.  Many people were coming back from________

a) Nagasaki              

b) Urakami                   

c) medical college                          

d) their workplace


12. Most of his class mates died and those who were alive,they were unable to____

a) Walk    

b) move their bodies  

c) to get about  

d) talk


13.  The building of his college was______

a) Totally collapsed   

b) partially collapsed      

c) half collapsed     

d) not damaged


14.  The mountain behind the college left____

a) Grassy   

b) balled 

c) attractive        

d) sad look


15. The causalities were so large in numbers as it was_____

a) Difficult to bury                                

b) difficult to dispose                      

c) Hard to take to hospital                          

d) difficult to pile


16.   They gathered the dead bodies in a pile and ________

a) Hospitalized them       

b) saved them               

c) buried them             

d) burnt them to ashes


17.   The sky turned into____

a) Black          

b) blue                     

c) yellow                        

d) dark blue


18.  Ichimaru was born in________

a) 1906                

b) 1908                   

c) 1909                          

d) 1910


19. Ichimaru was died in________

a) 1990               

b) 1997            

c) 1995                    

d) 1985


20.  The message of the essay is_________

a) Never use this deadly weapon in future              

b) do not rely on Americans           

c) Wars are not good for humanity                     

d) world needed peace

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