28 Jun 2020

BA English Modern Essay Walking on the Moon MCQs

Walking on the Moon

David R. Scott

1.     The Full name of David R. Scott is_________

a)     David Randolph Scott    

b)    b) David Ralph Scott    

c)     c)David Ronaldo Scott     

d)    d)David Reel Scott


2.     Scott was an ___________ in NASA

                    a) Technician              

                    b) professor      

                    c) Astronauts                      

                    d) research officer


3.     Scott was born in________

a) 1932           

b) 1934                

c) 1938         

d) 1942


4.     Scott was the commander of_________

a) Apollo 15 Mission  

b) Falcon 15 Mission    

c) Mission Endeavor            

d) All of these


5.     In Apollo 15 mission ,he was accompanied by______

a)James Irwin        

b) Alfred Worden          

c) Both of these            

d) None of these


6.     He retired from the service in______

a) 1975            

b) 1974                  

c) 1980                    


7.     Before landing ,they took_______ round the Moon

            a) 10 revolutions   

            b) 12 revolutions    

            c)7 revolutions       

            d)8 revolutions


8.     Apollo 15 Mission started in_______


b) 1970                  


d) 1973


9.     They spent __________ on the moon

a) 69 hours              

b) 70 hours         

c) 67 hours                         

d) 68 hours         


10.  At the time of mission, American President was________

a) Barak Obama               

b) Henry Kissinger          

c)John F. Kennedy                           

d)George Bush


11.   LM Falcon stands for_______

a)Lunar Falcon              

b)Long Module Falcon        

c) Long Miles Falcon         

d) Lunar Module Falcon


12.  The name of the Jeep they took with them was________

a) Rollar               


c) Rover   

d) Nissan


13.   On the Moon, they collected rocks samples weighing some_____

a) 77 Kg                            

b) 78.6 Kg                         

c) 80.6 Kg                                      

d) 70 Kg


14.  On the moon they fell like a_______ and remained unhurt

a) baby           


c) a boy                    

d) small girl


15.    On the moon ,their weight was reduced to ________ of the Earth

a) 1/6                   

b) 2/6                     

c) 2.5/6                         

d) 3/6

16.    When they walked on the surface of the moon, they felt as to

a) walk on water       

b) walk on trampoline         

c) walk on grass             

d) walk in air


17.   The movement of the Rover :a battery operated jeep was like_____

a) speedy car on road          

b) small boat on empty ocean            

c) like a train         

d)a Tram car


18.  The moon dust was like_______ having smell like that of gun powder

a) Sticky                

b) thin as coal                   

c) dust on earth                         

d) Talcum powder


19.                        It took _______ to complete a revolution round the Moon

a) five hours              

b) three hours          

c) Two hours                   

d) four hours


20.  When Scott sees moon , he becomes_____

a) over excited             

b) Happy           

c) Nostalgic                     



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