6 May 2020

تعلیم گھر طریقہ تعلیم نے کامیابی کے پنجے گاڑ دیےTaleem Ghar Project is very Successful

Punjab Education Project Taleem Ghar Going Successful

Due to Corona Virus ,Punjab School Education Department started a project for students to get education sitting at their homes.In Pakistan All schools,colleges and universities have been closed till 31st May 2020.This break is being treated as summer vacation.

The ministry of Education felt it a big challenge to continue giving education to the students during this difficult time when all was closed.So they decided to provide education to the students through distant education system.

They ,with the cooperation of Pakistan Television, started a project namely Taleem Ghar for students from Grade 1 to 8.PTV daily Telecasts video lectures for all classes dealing all subjects.The students are very happy and they are learning well while staying at homes.

The ministry of education launched a website www.taleemghar.edu.gov.pk to sysytemize the lectures,timing and syllabus.That is also going very successful.In one month it got 8,046,159 hits, 141,482 visitors and 662,283 page views.The number of its visitors are increasing day by day.

"Taleem Ghar"Taleem Ghar a Successful Project"

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