15 May 2020

BA English Essay Pakistan and the Modern World MCQS Type Test

PAKISTAN and the Modern World

                                                            Liaquat Ali Khan
1.      Who was Liaquat Ali Khan
a) A Diplomat          
b) 1st PM of Pakistan         
c)  Landlord                          
2.      When did he visit America
a) 1950                  
b) 1952                        
c) 1954                           
d) 1953
3.      What was the name of the university where he delivered a speech?
a) Oxford                  
b)   Haward                     
c) Kansas                          
d) Luxmburg
4.      What did university presented to Khan?
a) a gift                  
b) an honorary degree                       
c) a nice book                      
d)a shield
5.      Liaquat Ali kahan proved that creation of Pakistan was
a)a wise step                  
b) inevitable                       
c)  A nd B                          
d) None
6.      Polytheist means
a)beliver of many gods   
b)belivers of one god  
c)one who loves humanity    
d)one who hate humanity
7.      Monotheist means
a)Beliver of One God   
b) Who believes in many gods     
8.      Creation of Pakistan was necessary for stabilizing
a)  World peace                 
b) peace of Asia                      
c) A and B                           
d) None
9.      In the subcontinent, before partition the muslims were
a)100 millions                   
b) 200 milion                       
c) 300 milions                           
d)50 lac
10.  In the subcontinent, before partition the Hindus were
a) 300 milions                  
b) 200 milions                      
c)50 milion                            
d)70 milion
11.  Liaquat Ali khan told that the creation of Pakistan was a
a) a wise step                  
b) a logic                       
c)a bad step                            
12.  As per Khan,the creation of Pakistan solved the problem of
a)      Peace of Asia 
b)Peace of the world 
c) peace of India 
d) Peace of Hindus
13.  Liaquat Ali khan pleded the case of Pkaistan like a
a) Like a bad lawyer    
b) as a good teacher       
c) politician          
d) good lawyer
14.  He expected that America should share its_________ with Pakistan
a)  Documents                  
b) knowledge                       
c) experience                           
d) both B and C
15.  The Visit of Liaqauat Ali khan proved that Pakistan wants_____ with America
a) Strong relations                  
b) diplomacy                        
c) friendship                            
d) enemity

16.  Which social systemm was very stron in Hinduism?
a) Caste system                  
b) Hinduism                        
c) equality of all                            
d) religious
17.  The British left and divide the subcontinent as they could not manage it
a) due to ww2     
b) weak economy        
c) political immaturity              
d)manage it adminitrtaively
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